Lubbock Christian University
Dr. Jana Anderson instructing students in the LCU mall area

Leadership at LCU - Great Colleges to Work For

Lubbock Christian University was featured on the honor roll of The Chronicle of Higher Education’s list of Great Colleges to Work For (GCWF) for 10 categories in 2018.

Each of the categories for which LCU was recognized positively impact the university and its students differently, while overall also incorporating the theme of LCU's mission statement: to be "a Christ-centered, academic community of learners, transforming the hearts, minds, and hands of students for lives of purpose and service."

For instance, three of the categories in which LCU was recognized focus strongly on the leadership and work environment at the university: Collaborative Governance, Confidence in Senior Leadership, and Facilities, Workspace, and Security, and Professional/Career Development Programs.

“I, like each member of the Center for Student Success (CSS) team, am passionate about connecting our students with the resources and strategies they can use to succeed academically so they can move through their programs and into their futures with confidence,” said Yvonne Hardwood, director of the CSS. “Like so much of what we do, this starts with the relationships we work to build.”

Relationships are a cornerstone for workplace satisfaction at LCU: with the students, with each other, and with the work and ministry. Departments strive to act as a team, and the administration strives to be accessible.

“I get to work with my peers to create more effective teaching practices and work with my community to align their practical needs to my teaching,” said Beth Hennington, associate professor of psychology and counseling. “I work with a team that is focused on enhancing student learning, creating a stronger service for our communities. Not only do I get to teach, but I get to work side by side with other individuals who put their heart into developing the best future [for students].”

And the heart at LCU is evident.

Every interaction at LCU is also a ministry. LCU staff and faculty incorporate Christ in their classrooms, in their goals, and in their conversations. The community on campus promotes prayerfulness and mindfulness – and imitating Christ in everything.

For example, President Tim Perrin aims to connect with students on campus by hearing their names and asking their stories. He stops by the Caf to touch base with students in a community space. He gets involved with campus events like basketball games and the annual Writing Carnival. He is engaged, involved, and accessible both to LCU employees and to the student body.

"Leadership at the very top sets the tone for campus," said Randal Dement, vice president of student affairs. "Genuine, positive, energetic, compassionate, and totally committed to the mission are just a few words that I would use to characterize the leadership at LCU. Engaging others into the LCU mission is evident in relationships with colleagues, students, alums, friends, and contractors of the University. LCU is not a perfect place, but the heartbeat of her mission is seen in people and relationships on and off-campus."

Everyone at LCU becomes a part of the mission to be Christ-like and transformative. The positive leadership helps faculty and staff learn, grow, and transform at LCU as much as the students. Individuals at LCU strengthen their own leadership traits and leave a legacy through their work at the university.

“While at LCU, I have learned what it means to submit myself to God's will, instead of my own will,” said Shelley Parnell, admissions event coordinator and international student counselor. “While giving up control is a difficult task, I am learning every day that His plans are so much better than what my mind can imagine. I marvel at the way God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things. I want my life to be a witness of faithfulness and belief in something bigger than me.

LCU has taught me to be a leader... My leadership skills have grown, changed, and evolved while at LCU. I have learned the importance of being transparent and authentic with colleagues, prospective students, and parents.

LCU has taught me the importance of leaving a legacy. During my time at LCU, I have been blessed to witness great examples of integrity. I chose to live my life with integrity as the groundwork for all I do in my life. It has to be the core of who I am, who I become, and how I live my life.

I am thankful that LCU has provided me with an environment to grow as a person, an employee, and most importantly, a Christian.”

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