Lubbock Christian University
Native American guest demonstrates cultural dance for LCU students

Native American Tribe Visits LCU to Celebrate Cultural Heritage

A local tribe of Native Americans visited Lubbock Christian University as a part of the national month dedicated to celebrating indigenous people.

To help LCU celebrate Native American Heritage Month, the Texas Band of the Yaqui Indians came to campus to share their culture with the LCU students through the use of traditional round dances, storytelling, songs, and cultural artifacts. The visiting Native Americans were also gracious enough to share a recipe for Indian Fry Bread Tacos, which were served in the Caf for students.

"LCU is blessed to have the Texas Band of Yaqui Indians here on our campus to share their heritage with our students,” said Ja’Nay Settles, LCU’s student body Secretary of Cultural Diversity. “I am excited to have them here today and am thankful that they are able to help us celebrate Native American Heritage Month."

Mariah Cannon, LCU’s Student Involvement Coordinator, shared how positive the experience was, for both students and the community at large.

“I am so glad that students on our campus have a desire to learn and experience other cultures,” she said. “This is the first time that the Texas Band of Yaqui Indians are helping us celebrate Native American Heritage Month, and I am excited to see the beauty of their culture and how they have preserved it. Student Senate did a great job in finding them and inviting them to campus.”

LCU strives to foster cultural diversity across campus, both in representation and appreciation.

Speak to an admissions advisor to learn about opportunities for Native American Students.