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Speakers Encourage Spiritual Encounter at Camp

Part of the Encounter summer camp experience includes the speakers in the evenings. While the campers enjoy immersive classes and fellowship activities during the day, the evenings bring them back to the McDonald Moody Auditorium where speakers address the overall theme of camp.

Each night features a different speaker, but in it's progression, the keynotes tie together to make a spiritual impact on all those in attendance. 

Encounter ran from June 10 - 16, 2018 for over 500 campers with the theme "Follow." The evening speakers keynotes were recently shared on the LCU YouTube channel

On Sunday night to begin the week, Paul Hodnett, youth minister at Greenlawn Church of Christ, spoke on how God wants us to follow him. To close camp, Josh Stephens, spoke on what it means to be a fan or a follower. In total, there were six speakers over the course of camp:

LCU annually hosts camps like Champion, Encounter, and more during the summer months. To find out more about Champion and other camp experiences that LCU hosts, visit the camps site.