Lubbock Christian University

“Taste the Nations” Celebrates Global Community at LCU

“Taste the Nations,” a student- and staff-led event on the campus of Lubbock Christian University (LCU), brought together students from across the globe to celebrate the various cultures represented in the LCU student body.

LCU’s International Student Association (ISA), Hispanic student organization Juntos, Black Student Union (BSU), and several Student Senate committees hosted “Taste the Nations.” This event invited students, faculty, and staff to bring a dish that represents their home culture—whether that’s a country, state, or even somewhere they have briefly lived—to share.

“LCU previously hosted a similar event and a group of students and staff decided to bring it back this year,” explained Dr. Samantha Lack, International Student Advisor and Admissions Officer.

The dishes sampled at Taste the Nations included Nigerian fried rice and coconut jollof rice from Nigeria; Swedish pancakes; minced meat pie and English breakfast tea from England; semla from Scandinavia; Kenyan dishes ugali with sukuma wiki, chapatis, and rice pilaf; beef enchiladas from Mexico; pastelillos (Empanadas) from Puerto Rico; as well as American favorites like chicken pot pie, Rotel dip, buckeyes, and cowboy cookies. The top three dishes received prizes at the event, as well.

The LCU student body has representatives from 33 countries from across the globe, and Heather Howell, International Student Advisor and Student Mentor, works alongside Dr. Lack and Cindy McCrady, the Graduate Studies Administrative Assistant, to help ensure that international students at LCU feel the same welcoming community as their American classmates.

“LCU strives to create a culture that celebrates diversity,” Dr. Lack continued. “One way we do this is through the International Student Association. ISA hosts events throughout the year that introduces international students to West Texas culture, including attending the South Plains Fair, Corn Maze, Thanksgiving feast, and more local events. ISA is sponsored by Heather, me, and Professor Shawn Tyler.”

Other ways LCU’s staff support international students include assistance with government processes like tax preparation workshops. Additionally, as the majority of LCU’s international students are student athletes, LCU’s Athletics Department is a key component to helping them find their place on our campus as well.

“There are 3 of us that really help our international students on a government level,” Howell explained, “but we also have the ISA sponsors, Athletics, and of course the amazing LCU faculty and staff that go above and beyond for our international students—they truly strive to help them as they navigate life and education in America.”