Lubbock Christian University
Dr. Carole Carroll and Dean of Students, Josh Stephens, in costume reading "The Princess Bride" Brenda Lindsey manning one of the Writing Carnival games

Writing Carnival Winners Bring 9th Annual Event to a Close

"Let the 2018 Writing Carnival begin!" announced Josh Stephens, dean of students, this year dressed as Inigo Montoya per the “The Princess Bride” theme.

The ninth annual writing carnival was held Tuesday, Sept. 18 with events during the week leading up to it.

The carnival is a stand-out tradition on campus, growing in activities each year. Free carnival-style lunch was available to students in the mall area, along with writing contests and activities themed on the featured novel, such as Fezzik’s Rhyming Challenge, Vizzini’s Battle of Wits, trivia, a jousting tournament, and more.

“I had heard about the Writing Carnival, but now, I have experienced it,” said Foy Mills, who is serving in his first year as provost at LCU and attended his first writing carnival. “What a splendid event. It is amazing when you can learn valuable lessons in the middle of such great fun.”

Winners in each category at the writing carnival were announced Friday, Sept. 21 in chapel. Winners for each category, with the exclusion of the trivia and caption categories, are listed below.

Students participate in writing events at the carnival including magnetic poetry

6-Word Story

With arms raised, President Perrin started chapel. –Jacob Thomas

Westley tumbled. Buttercup followed. Love reunited. –Foy Mills

2 a.m. text. “Miss you.” Blocked immediately. –Michael Pugh

What? Free food? Free shirts? Inconceivable! –Caleb Hendrix

Pursue. Persist Grow? Crying in library. –Kathryn Pullano

Sorry – can’t. I’m an R.A. –Sondra Samaniego


Cool wind ruffles hair,
carrying the smell of rain,
beckoning me home.
–Samantha Gilchriest

Fluffy, fuzzy teeth,
a face covered in spices–
worth it for the corn.
–Amira Cunningham

Beasts dwell in the night.
When they come, they stop for none.
I wait for the light.
–Alivia Villarreal

Stories make us more,
taking us beyond our world
to a life unknown.
–Renee Rhodes

All about tacos.
My focus is on tacos.
Delicious tacos.
–Renee Rhodes

Simile Challenge

A college girl. Poor. Poor and a wreck. With grades like her appearance at the end of Follies season. –Journee Cotton

My GPA is like Westley: only mostly dead. –Caleb Kirkpatrick

Her embrace is like a flame. Not that you should embrace an open flame, but it’s nice to be around. –Aaron Peckham

Our relationship was like a Dr. Owen class: I cried a lot, and then it was over. –Sarah Fantinel

My girlfriend is like LCU – keeps getting more expensive. –Coleton Parks

The Trinity is like… No wait, that doesn’t work. Maybe it’s like… No wait, that would be heresy. Let’s see… –Michael Pugh

Fezzik’s Rhyming Challenge

“I’ve just sucked one hour of your life away.”

Says the video game to boys who play. –Journee Cotton

“Mawidge. A dweam wiffin a dweam.”

Still ain’t better than ice cream. –Catherine Kamagaju

“I’m not a witch – I’m your wife!”

“Not that they are mutually exclusive,” she said, brandishing a kitchen knife. –Amira Cunningham

Vizzini’s Battle of Wits

Never plan on a short conversation with Dr. Fredenburg. ­–Brandon Fredenburg (edited for length and clarity)

Never eat the sushi at 7-11. –Bryson “Sushi-Puke” Proctor

Never take a Dr. Owen class when your 4.0 is on the line! –Aaron Peckham

Never generalize. Ever. –Caleb Scoggins

Never say you will never date someone at LCU. –Sarah Posey