Lubbock Christian University


  • Brandon Fredenburg, Ph.D., Chair
  • Jeff Cary, Ph.D.
  • Jeremy Hegi, Ph.D.
  • Jesse C. Long, Jr., Ph.D.
  • Michael Martin, Ph.D.
  • Mark Sneed, Ph.D.
  • Barry Stephens, D.Min.
  • Charles Stephenson, Th.D.
  • Mark Wiebe, Ph.D.


To earn a degree, students must complete the curriculum and meet other requirements for a degree listed in the academic policy section of this catalog.


The Graduate School of Theology, as a community for theological reflection and spiritual formation, prepares men and women for service to the Triune God and leadership in various forms of Christian ministry around the world. As we pursue this purpose, we commit to diversity among the faculty, staff, and student body; to equip students for ministry in the global context; and to adhere to rigorous academic standards as we collectively engage Christian scripture and the Christian heritage in awareness of our Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement history.


The Graduate School of Theology (GST) Master of Arts in Christian Ministry is delivered in an online format.

Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

(36 hours)

  • BIB6300  Introduction to Graduate Studies
  • 6 hours from
    • BIB6301  Introduction to the New Testament
    • BIB6302  Hermeneutics or MIN 6302 Hermeneutics
    • BIB6310  Introduction to the Old Testament
  • BIH6329  American Church History
  • MIN6228  Capstone and Competency Examinations
  • MIN6305  Preaching
  • MIN6306  Advanced Preaching
  • 6 hours from
    • MIN6301  Family Ministry
    • MIN6303  Spiritual Formation
    • MIN6309  Christian Counseling
    • MIN6323  Family Systems
  • MIN6330  Internship
  • REL6110  Restoration History and Theology
  • REL6334  Christian History and Theology I
  • REL6335  Christian History and Theology II