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A Place of Worship and Fellowship

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in the McDonald Moody auditorium, campus family and friends make time for chapel, a time to celebrate relationships. Some chapel times will focus primarily on our relationship with God, while others will focus primarily on community with each other. Many chapel experiences will combine elements of both.

Examples of our focus on community include announcements of general campus events, special chapel programs that address the needs of today's college students, or spotlights on unique opportunities to serve. However, singing followed by prayer, reading of God's word, and a spoken message is our most common format. Because of our Church of Christ heritage, singing is without instrumental accompaniment, following the practice of the early church. While some of our students are newcomers to this worship experience, many students come to admire its beauty and simplicity.

Captions for What is Chapel Video. Chapel is a time whenever all of LCU comes together and we just spend 20 or so minutes just doing what else to use really about and it's about worshiping God through song through prayer there's usually a speaker someone who gives us a message and it's just an awesome time that we can all come together people that you don't usually see you don't have classes with them you get to see them at Chapel because everybody goes to Chapel and so it's just an awesome time to really come together as a community and I think that's one of the big emphasis is here at I'll see you at the community and I think Chapel really embodies that the community of LCU is something that they don't just I mean they don't just talk about it on the webpage they really do clean it the community here is amazing from the students to the faculty to specifically the professor's the people here they genuinely do care and they they want to be a part of your life even if it's just in a really small way and walking around campus knowing that everybody cares that you're there is an experience that I honestly cannot put into words

Want to Speak or Lead in Chapel?

Take a look at our recommendations for speaking in chapel and technical resources and request to speak in chapel here.

Fall 2022 Chapel Schedule

  • August 22- Opening Chapel
  • August 23- Coke and Candy Chapel
  • August 25- President McDowell
  • August 29- Chapel Committee
  • August 30- Mallory Hayes
  • September 1- Worship Chapel
  • September 5- Labor Day; no chapel
  • September 6- Coach Blackwood
  • September 8- Brandon Gilbert
  • September 12- Dr. Gallaher
  • September 13- Marcia Crabtree
  • September 15- Dr. Fraze 
  • September 19- Writing Carnival
  • September 20- Writing Carnival 
  • September 22- Dr. Fredenburg
  • September 26- Center for Student Success 
  • September 27- Breakout chapel, Worship and Dr. Starr
  • Septmeber 29- Dr. Perez
  • October 3- International Student Alliance 
  • October 4- Nolan Baker 
  • October 6- Worship Chapel 
  • October 10- Chap Day, DeLeisha Sheppard
  • October 11- Bill Bundy
  • October 13- Fall break; no chapel
  • October 17- Hispanic Heritage Chapel
  • October 18- Breakout chapel
  • October 20- Jessica Rogers
  • October 24- Bridgette Wright
  • October 25- Spain 
  • October 27- Dr. Shannon Rains
  • October 31- Dr. Cary
  • November 1- Hayden Brown
  • November 3- Lanier Lectures
  • November 7- Chap Day
  • November 8- Felix Longoria
  • November 10- Kenyan Women and Orphans
  • November 14- Bree Minifee and Brittney Michaelson
  • November 15- Breakout chapel
  • November 17- Worship chapel
  • November 21- Chap Day
  • November 22- Thanksgiving Celebration
  • November 24- Thanksgiving holiday; no chapel
  • November 28- Final Chapel 

Online Chapel Speakers

  • August 29- Ella Booe 
  • September 12- Tanner Higgins
  • September 26- Sam Henderson 
  • October 10-Chloe Hinojosa
  • October 24- Maddie Wilkinson
  • November 7- Coach Duncan
  • November 21- Chloe Menard


Wednesday Gatherings

  • August 24 - Athletics
  • August 31 - Honors
  • September 7 - Academics
  • September 14 - Music
  • September 21 - Athletics
  • September 28 - Honors
  • October 5 - Academics
  • October 12 - Music
  • October 19 - Athletics
  • October 26 - Honors
  • November 2 - Academics
  • November 9 - Makeup chapel
  • November 16 - Athletics
  • November 30 - Honors
Two guys talking outside the Baker Conference Center

Chapel Podcasts

Starting in the Fall 2021 we have moved to our own podcast hosting. You can also find us on several major podcast platforms.  

Older chapel programs can be found below until we can get everything transferred over.