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Painting and Drawing

Hello my name is Ali Stakely and right now we are in one of LCU's art galleries. And we're here because this is my work and this is my first time having it publicly displayed and it's kind of like my senior research project for LCU. All of my pieces are connected by a common theme and that is fruit. They symbolize sort of the fruits of our lives. Like what our lives are made up of. I have a painting of an elderly lady and she has a handful of grapes and they kind of represent... the vine kind of represents her and the grapes represent her descendants. And what she did in her life. Her fruits, her decisions, her choices, her likes dislikes, even her sense of humor. It's all passed down through the generations and that's kind of what the grapes represent. So some of my favorite things about being an art education major at LCU is actually getting to take art classes and the reason why that's my favorite is because they're my classes I can express myself and be creative. Like design something from the ground up and put myself into my work. I've had lots of supportive professors, but Dr. Kraft... Dr. Michelle Kraft, she has been there for me and has my success in mind. And I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for her.

BFA in Art with Emphasis in Studio Painting and Drawing

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art with Emphasis in Painting and Drawing at Lubbock Christian University focuses on excellence in studio art. Through this degree plan, students learn the precepts of “art” and “art-making”: visual literacy, critical thinking, hard work, and empathy in social practice.

Sample courses include Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, Ceramics, Sculpture, Art History, and Multimedia Design. Senior capstone experience is the Senior Exhibition, in which the student creates an original body of work and mounts an exhibition of that artwork.

Join us in a program where your studio art abilities will develop alongside your knowledge of art and the art world!

Imagine a degree in Painting and Drawing that involves you in a variety of art experiences—from the making of art, to art theory, exhibitions and professional practices, and to contributions to the field through professional conferences.

LCU former art students and graduates in art have gone on to teach in universities and in public and private schools and in community arts throughout Texas and the Southwest. They are working as designers in television stations, design firms, and museums. They have garnered state, national, and international recognition for their art, with their work represented in collections and in solo and group exhibitions across the U.S. and the world. LCU art students’ work and scholarship have been accepted to state and national peer-reviewed exhibitions, conferences, and publications. Join this extraordinary league of artists today! Find out more about the BFA in Painting and Drawing in the University Catalog.

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