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Best Friends

Lubbock Christian University’s Best Friends has represented LCU in national and international venues since 1983. The group often leads worship for youth rallies, retreats, and other worship events, and also sings concerts for community and church gatherings. In 2013, Best Friends started receiving national recognition as they were nominated to receive a Contemporary A Cappella Recording Award from the Contemporary A Cappella Society of America (CASA), selected among hundreds of professional, amateur, and collegiate groups throughout the country and world. Seven more albums by Best Friends received nominations over the next seven years. In 2019, Best Friends’ album Risen then directed and produced by Gary Moyers and Nathan Anderson, was finally awarded the CARA for Best Religious Album.  In February of this year, Best Friends received an eighth nomination for “Best Religious Album” for the album released in 2022, Solid Rock, at about the same time that they recently released their most recent album, Faithful God. For more about the national recognition that their recordings have recieved, check out the news article highlighting the nomination.

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Director: Dr. Philip Camp
Technical Director: Nathan Anderson

Auditions for 2024-25 Best Friends will take place on April 20, and the group members will be announced over the summer. To apply to audition for the Praise Choir, Chamber Singers, Forte, or any of our instrumental ensembles, complete the online form at the link below.

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On Our Way — Available Now

Best Friends' new album On Our Way is available—find it on your favorite streaming service! 

2024-25 Auditions

Open Auditions for all voice parts.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

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Sign up by April 15 to recieve an audition time and more information.

Scholarships:  Members of Best Friends receive $8500/year scholarship as well as summer salary for serving as a worship team and leading a class at Encounter, and for summer touring.

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Upcoming Concerts & Booking

Best Friends tours on selected Wednesdays and on weekends during the school year. They sing at schools, church events, youth rallies, camps, retreats and other events.

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Big God

Current Members (2023-24)

Classification: Junior
Major: Integrated Marketing Communications 
Hometown: Hobbs, New Mexico
Voice Part: Tenor

Robert Cantu is a Junior integrated Marketing Communications major from Hobbs, New Mexico, and is returning for a 2nd year in Best Friends, and a 3rd year in the choir. He also serves as Student Body President and is often referred to as “Mayor of LCU.” Robert has a unique story—he had no idea he could sing until he arrived on campus as a freshman and was asked to consider joining the choir. We all have discovered that he can sing extraordinarily well! Robert knows no stranger anywhere we go, and is passionate about serving the Lord through worship. With frequent exclamations of “Praise God,” Robert makes friends easily, and is a best friend not only to everyone in the group, but also to just about any one he meets. You’ll remember Robert’s lead last year on the song “Up From Here.” Stay tuned for a strong lead fron him on the song “On our Way.”

Classification: Freshman
Major: Biblical Text
Hometown: Amarillo, TX
Voice Part: Bass 

The only freshman in the group, Matthew Duvall comes to us from Amarillo where he performed in Tascosa HS’s orchestra and sang in Les Chanteurs, the premier concert choir. Blessed with a rich bass voice, lots of music experience, and a fun-loving personality, Matthew adds much to the group. He is also a Cornerstone scholar majoring in Biblical Text. Be listening this year for his solid bass and for a share in the lead vocals on the song Cornerstone.

Classification: Sophomore
Major: Exercise & Health Promotions 
Hometown: Guthrie, Texas
Voice Part: Vocal Percussion

Reid Freeman is a sophomore Exercise and Health Promotion major from Guthrie, Texas. After an amazing first year where he split his vocal contributions between vocal percussion and rhythm bass, we are thrilled to have him back this year where he’ll mostly be performing vocal percussion. Reid is a man of many talents, as he is athletic as well. When not strumming his guitar or sitting at a piano where he also shines, you might see him shooting hoops somewhere or even playing golf, both of which he has done even while on the road with Best Friends. You may remember his lead voice last year on the verses of the song “See Me Through It” from the “Faithful God” album. This year, listen for his lead voice on the opening verse of the song “Cornerstone,” arranged by Byron Rogers.

Classification: Sophomore
Major: Business
Hometown: Lubbock, Texas
Voice Part: Sound Technician

Ben Haley is a sophomore general business with emphasis in management major from Lubbock. He returns for his 2nd year to BF, though in a much different role this year. You’ll remember his outstanding lead last year on the song “Can’t Take Away” from the album Faithful God, as well as his smooth bass or solid vocal percussion on the rest of the album. What’s more, on our summer tour last year, he managed to repair the sound system any time we had problems, which was just about every performance due to traveling over rough roads each day. In selecting the members for this year’s group, we suddenly had an opening for the live sound tech when Ben stepped forward and volunteered for the position! He has a highly trained musical ear, still performing as a 2nd year member of LCU’s Symphonic Band, Praise Choir, and Chamber Singers, and has devoted himself to knowing all about the inner workings of the sound system, which give him exceptional ability to do an amazing job at the sound board. Ben is a true servant, showing us every day a great example of humility and dedication. Further, you will still get to hear him sing with us for off mic concerts and worship events.

Classification: Sophomore
Major: Early Childhood Education
Hometown: Childress, TX
Voice Part: Alto

A sophomore from Childress, Texas, Jessie Holder is actually a returning member of the choir but in her first year with Best Friends. She is majoring in Early Childhood Education, and she loves to sing every chance she gets—and we love to hear her! As if singing in Praise Choir and Best Friends isn’t enough, she also frequently puts together small ensembles on her own with one or two of her friends to sing with her. With BF, you’ll hear Jessie’s strong alto on many prominent “step out” harmony parts, and you’ll hear her moving lead on the song “Build a Boat.”

Classification: Junior
Major: Criminal Justice 
Hometown: Keller, Texas
Voice Part: Soporano 

Adrianna Langat is a Junior majoring in criminal justice, with a minor in music. She is from Keller, Texas, and is in her second year with Best Friends, Chamber Singers, and Praise Choir where she serves as Chaplain. She came to LCU with tremendous musical experience from Keller where she studied private voice and sang in an award winning choir. The only college athlete in the bunch, Adrianna also ran cross country and track last year for LCU. Further, she played a lead role in LCU’s musical production The Apple Tree. You will remember Adrianna’s strong leads last year on the choruses of many of our songs. You’ll have even more opportunities this year to hear her leads—especially listen to her powerful vocals on the song “Big God” arranged by Nathan Anderson.

Classification: Sophomore
Major: Mass Media 
Hometown: Abernathy, Texas
Voice Part: Alto

A sophomore Mass Media major from Abernathy, Raylee Moore has returned for year number two in Best Friends. She is also a second year choir member, and was in the cast in the musical production The Apple Tree. With a hilariously quirky sense of humor, she always makes our time on the road quite interesting, but she also prepares to sing for each event with a devotion to give it her best. You’ll remember her especially worshipful rendition of “Heart of the Father” on last year’s album, Faithful God. This year, you can look forward to her soulful performance on “Ain’t Nobody Loves me like Jesus,” arranged by Byron Rogers.

Classification: Sophomore
Major: Psychology 
Hometown: Childress, Texas
Voice Part: Tenor

A sophomore Psychology major from Childress, Texas, Elijah has also returned for his 2nd year to Best Friends. Elijah is also a Cornerstone Scholar and a returning member of the choir where he also serves as one of the chaplains. Stability and consistency—two words that describe Elijah’s work in Best Friends, but he’s not just all business all the time. WE KNOW BETTER! His quick witt with zany comments here and there keep us all quite amused—and he’s a great person to be around! You’ll remember Elijah’s lead voice on the song “One Step Away” from last year’s album, “Faithful God.” You’ll have even more opportunities to hear strong leads from him this year— be listening especially for him on the song “Wholehearted.”

Classification: Sophomore
Major: Integrated Marketing Communication
Hometown: Waxahachie, TX
Voice part: Soprano

Ella Simpson is a sophomore Integrated Marketing and Communications major from Waxahachie, Texas. Like Jesse, she is also a 2nd year choir member but this is her first year in Best Friends. She not only sings extraordinarily well, but also has a high degree of musicianship, often composing and performing her own original songs. Blessing everyone with her sweet and kind heart as well as her voice, you’ll hear her fill out the soprano harmonies as well as a very stirring lead on the song “You Will Be Found,” arranged by directors Philip Camp and Nathan Anderson.

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