Lubbock Christian University

First-Year On-Campus Student Meal Options


(per semester)

Option 1 Option 2
VIP Unlimited 7 Day Unlimited 7 Day
$400 Munch Money $200 Munch Money
$2,555 $2,385

*Note: First-Year students MUST purchase an option*

Munch Money may be used in the LCU "Caf," Starbucks, Chap Express, and Rhodes Perrin Recreation Center, as well as for concessions at the RIP Griffin Center and Hayes Field. Students may add additional Munch Money in the Student Business Office.

Meal Plan Change Request

Please contact the Student Business Office at 806.720.7302 with questions about meal plans and munch money.

All residence hall residents will need to contact their resident hall director to select choices or make changes.

Second-Year+ Student Meal Plan Options


On Campus

Students living in On-Campus Housing (Excluding on-campus apartments, see below) are able to purchase any of the following 4 meal plans:

(per semester)

Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4
VIP Unlimited 7 Day Unlimited 7 Day Weekly 14 Weekly 10
$400 Munch Money $200 Munch Money $200 Munch Money $300 Munch Money
$2,555 $2,385 $2,255 $1,895


Students living in On-Campus apartments and required to live on campus are able to purchase any of the following 2 meal plans:

(per semester)

Option A1 Option A2
Block 100 Weekly 5
$400 Munch Money $300 Munch Money
$1,375 $1,110


Commuter Students and students living in on-campus apartments(not-required) are able to purchase Options 1-4 or the block plans below.

Create your own (for Commuter and students not required to live on campus)

Option Name Munch Money Amount Cost
5A Block 75 $200 $780
5B Block 75 $150 $740
5C Block 75 $100 $690
6A Block 50 $200 $610
6B Block 50 $150 $570
6C Block 50 $100 $520
7A Block 25 $200 $405
7B Block 25 $150 $370
7C Block 25 $100 $320

Block Meals and Munch Money can carry over from the fall semester to the spring semester. They will NOT carry over from the spring semester to the fall semester.

About Aramark

The Dining Services at LCU is truly a partnership between the university and Aramark, an outstanding food service provider.