Lubbock Christian University
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Olga Pahom, Ph.D.

Associate Dean, Honors College; Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Cultural Studies

  • Ph.D. English/Linguistics, Texas Tech University
  • M.A. Applied Linguistics, Texas Tech University
  • B.B.A. Business Administration/Marketing, Lubbock Christian University
  • B.A. Missions, Lubbock Christian University
Current Classes
  • HON 4380 Honors Senior Research
  • HON 4182 Honors Thesis
  • HON 3352 Cross-cultural Communication in Literature
  • LIN 2301 Introduction to Linguistics
  • LIN 3301 Grammatical Analysis
  • LIN 3352 Gender and Language
  • LIN 4301 Sociolinguistics
  • LIN 4302 Second Language and Culture Acquisition
  • BIL 2311 Elementary Greek I
  • BIL 2322 Elementary Greek II


Dr. Pahom is a linguist interested in intercultural communication, bilingualism, second language acquisition,  gender and language, storytelling, writing instruction, and interdisciplinary studies. She teaches linguistics courses and coordinates the linguistics minor at LCU. In addition, Dr. Pahom directs the Honors Thesis Program and engages in various strategic planning initiatives for the Honors College at LCU. She is originally from Moldova and has also served as a missionary in Mexico. She speaks Romanian, English, Spanish, and Russian and has reading proficiency in French and Koine Greek.

Latest News

Lee, Y. J., Pahom, O. & Weeks, B. L. (2019). Kinetic Study for Comprehensive Understanding of Solid-state Phase Transitions of Nicotinamide/Pimelic Acid Co-crystals. Crystal Growth & Design 19‚Äč(2):932-941. 

Pahom, O., Farley, A. & Ramonda, K. (2015).  Are the best language learners from Mars or from Venus? Gender and vocabulary acquisition in the L2 Spanish classroom. The Reading Matrix: An International Online Journal 15(1): 158-172. 

Farley, A, Pahom, O., & Ramonda, K. (2014).  Is a picture worth a thousand words?  Using images to create a concreteness effect for abstract words:  Evidence from beginning L2 learners of Spanish. Hispania 97(4): 634-650.

Pahom, O. (2014). Instruction in the adult acquisition of English as a second language: Does it make a difference? CCTE Studies 79: 66-73.

Pahom, O. (2013). Review of An introduction to conversation analysis by A. J. Liddicoat. International Journal of the Linguistic Society of the Southwest 32(1): 141-144.

Pahom, O. (2013). Review of Language, gender, and community in late twentieth-century fiction by M. J. Hurst. Gender and Language 7(3): 417-420. 

Pahom, O. (2012). Review of Key terms in second language acquisition by B. VanPatten & A. Benati. The Electronic Journal for English as a Second Language 16(3).