Lubbock Christian University
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Sharlan Proper

Graduate Nursing Administrative Assistant

  • 2012-Bachelor of Arts in Technical Communication, Lubbock Christian University


Sharlan has an expansive background in music, but chose to continue her education in Technical Communication, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Technical Communication from LCU in 2012. After taking some time off to complete a CD of mostly original tunes and doing some traveling, she has returned to campus as administrative assistant to the LCU Department of Nursing, which includes being the event coordinator for the elegant Talkington Center for Nursing Education. Sharlan also free-lances as a copyright researcher for various faith-based organizations and teaches beginning hymn writing at the Singing School at ACU each summer.

Sharlan and her husband, Mike, have two daughters who are also LCU graduates

Latest News

  • Current: Administrative Assistant, LCU Department of Nursing
  • Since 2012-Faculty, Singing School at Abilene Christian University
  • 2010-Grantsmanship Certification; The National Grantsmanship Center, Los Angeles, California
  • 2009-Certificate in Women's Ministry and Teaching Children A Cappella Music, Singing School at Abilene Christian University