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Tabatha Perkins

Administrative Assistant


My name is Tabatha Perkins, and I began working at LCU in August of 2023. As an alumnus of LCU, it has always been my desire to return to this amazing campus. In 2015, my family and I moved to Lubbock from Roswell, NM to continue my work as a Surgical Assistant for a Periodontist. After 18 years in the dental field, I decided to explore different career opportunities; by the grace of God, I found myself back on the LCU campus. My greatest passion in life is to serve God by serving others, which starts with my husband Bill, my son Ridge, his wife Sara, their daughter Alice Rose, and our daughter Liv, who also attended LCU. I can't imagine working with and serving better people than the faculty, staff, and students here at Lubbock Christian University.