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LCU Elevate is a degree completion initiative provided to the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce (Chamber) and the City of Lubbock (City) to enhance undergraduate education opportunities for employees of the Chamber member businesses and City employees. For each eight courses (24 credit hours) of LCU's Adult Degree Completion programs completed by City employees or employees of Chamber member businesses, the student will receive one course (3 hours) free tuition. This comes in addition to the discounted tuition rates already included in these programs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to participate in LCU Elevate?

Any employee of the City of Lubbock, or any employee of a business that is a member of the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce are eligible to participate in LCU Elevate.

What programs are covered by LCU Elevate?

LCU Elevate applies to LCU's Degree Completion programs: the Bachelor of Science in Managerial Leadership, and the Bachelor of Arts in University Studies. Both of these programs are designed to apply previous college credit from any university as seamlessly and affordably as possible to help you finish your degree.

What are the benefits of LCU Elevate?

LCU Elevate provides an additional discount on tuition on top of the already-discounted prices for these two programs. 

These programs are also 100% online, providing flexible and reliable schedules for busy, working adults.

The experience gained from these programs will result not just in degrees earned, but also in growth and development opportunities for individuals and teams.

Are LCU Elevate students eligible for Financial Assistance?

Yes! As undergraduate students, LCU elevate participants are eligible to receive financial assistance in addition to the discounts provided by the program.

How do I apply for LCU Elevate?

  1. Create an account at
  2. Start a new LCU application, and then select “Undergraduate”
  3. Fill out the Personal Information and Additional Information sections
  4. At the top of the Program Selection section:
    • If you are a former LCU student who didn’t complete your degree, select “Re-Admit LCU Undergraduate Student”
    • If you previously attended college elsewhere, select “Transfer College Student”
  5. Under the question, “What are you interested in studying at LCU?”, select either “Bachelor of Science in Managerial Leadership,” or “Bachelor of Arts in University Studies.”
  6. Continue to the Program Details section, and under “Program Degree Type,” select “Degree Seeking”
  7. Complete the Education History section
  8. Skip the Test Scores, Family Members, and Activities and Distinctions sections
  9. Upload your resume on the Material Uploads section
  10. Sign the Signature Section
  11. After reviewing your application, click “Submit Application”

After you submit your application, one of LCU's Transfer Admissions Advisors will work with you for further steps!

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