Lubbock Christian University

Friends of the Arts

Founded in 2009, Friends of the Arts is an organization that promotes and funds further development of the arts at Lubbock Christian University. LCU is devoted to transforming talented students into well-trained, Christian professionals for careers in art, music and theatre.

Your support will help provide needed funds for things such as:

  • Music, Theatre and Visual Art Scholarships
  • Theatre Equipment such as lighting and costumes
  • Art Exhibits and Supplies
  • Student Travel to conferences

How much is a FOTA Membership?

Friends of the Arts offers six annual membership levels:

  1. Sponsor ($1,000+) – commemorative plaque
  2. Benefactor ($500-$999) – "salon" (private) concert for a special occasion
  3. Angel ($200-$499) – 2 complementary tickets each to the Fall and Spring productions (4 tickets total)
  4. Patron ($100-$199) – discounted theater production tickets
  5. Friend ($50-$99) – FOTA Window Sticker and priority notification for theater productions

Each successive annual membership level receives the benefit at that level and all those below it. So, Sponsor level members receive all of the benefits above!

Additionally, Friends of the Arts has four lifetime membership levels:

  1. Bronze - $2,500-$4,999 
  2. Silver - $5,000 - $24,999 
  3. Gold - $25,000 - $49,999 
  4. Platinum - over $50,000

All gifts to Friends of the Arts are tax deductible to the extent donations exceed the value of benefits received.

To learn more about LCU Friends of the Arts, email or call LCU Music Department.

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