“One class I really liked was family systems—that class has probably been the most useful for me and my actual ministry life. I feel like I pull out those notes every few months just to go through them to remind myself of what to do in specific situations. I run into so many situations that we literally went over, and now I get to look at those and analyze the best way to approach them in my ministry, rather than feeling lost or like I have no direction."- Laura Kate Black('18)
Children's Ministry student working with children


Are you seeking a career as a children’s minister? Did you know that children’s ministry is one of the most sought after hires in churches?

Lubbock Christian University is an excellent choice to pursue the study Children’s Ministry. Our ministry programs offer:

  • Affordable Tuition
  • The most current scholarship in children, family, and congregational ministry.
  • Hands-on opportunities to learn the craft of children's ministry.
  • A dedication to the vocational calling to ministry.
  • Connections with many churches seeking internships as well paid ministers.

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