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Why Children's Ministry?

Many people wonder, “Why children’s ministry as a major, can’t I major in something else and do children’s ministry?”

Good question! Children’s ministry, much like it’s counterpart, youth ministry, needs to be grounded in theological reflection. Theological reflection means we begin build our understanding of children’s ministry on the study of Scripture and Christian tradition. Then, we incorporate best practices from fields that help us understand how children learn, mature, and are disciple by their parents and the church.

Most churches seek youth ministers trained in youth ministry, pulpit ministers trained in preaching, and children’s ministers trained in children’s ministry.

Vocation and Practice of Children's Ministry

Vocation describes one’s spiritual giftedness, and, ultimately their calling into particular aspects of kingdom work. We believe that children’s ministry is a professional vocation. If you are called to disciple children as a member of a church staff, then, this degree is for you!

The practice of children’s ministry describes the activities vocational children’s minister within the local church. A doctor practices medicine. A lawyer practices law. And a minister practices ministry for the sake of helping others live in deep relationship with God, joining God in kingdom work. 

A Career in Children's Ministry

Churches are seeking children’s ministers. Yet, the field is so new, there are few children’s ministry graduates ready and willing to accept these positions. Check out the “Open Positions” page to see current job openings in children's ministry. 

View our Children’s Ministry degree plan.