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2015 Choir Newsletter

Praise Choir, Dr. Philip Camp, Director

The Praise Choir consists of about 60 to 70 students and carries on the ministry tradition of the A Cappella and Meistersinger Choruses from the past. Singing mostly for church related outreach events and programs, the choir often performs an a cappella 'sermon-in-song' incorporating Christian Contemporary songs, Classical choral anthems, modern arrangements of well-known hymns, and African-American spirituals, interwoven with scripture readings and visuals that present the message of the Gospel of Christ. Rehearsal times are M, T and F 11:30-12:30. Tours include occasional weekend trips during the semester, an 8-10 day tour during the Christmas break, and a major mission trip overseas after the spring semester of odd-numbered years. Recent mission trips include Eastern Europe (2007, 2009, 2011, and 2013), Eastern Australia (2005 and 2001), Ireland (2003), Mexico (2000), and the Philippine Islands (1998).

Chamber Singers, Dr. Philip Camp, Director

The LCU Chamber Singers is an ensemble of 20-24 voices. The group performs a wide variety of literature employing a variety of instrumental accompaniments in both on and off campus venues, programming music from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classic, and Romantic periods. Contemporary music includes anthems, secular choral pieces, spirituals, and Jazz arrangements.

Concerts include a fall concert, several Christmas concerts and programs and various spring concerts, as well as tours among churches and schools. The Chamber Singers also travels with the Praise Choir in December after the fall semester, and all participants are eligible to receive a scholarship.

From the latest concert by Chamber Singers, Dominus Vobiscum by Sydney Guillaume, on YouTube.