LCU Theatre


Working in conjunction with the Department of Education, the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with an emphasis in theater education prepares students for teaching theater in the secondary schools.

Involvement in two or more productions each year provides experience in the areas of acting, set design, musical theater, and technical theater. A focus on the UIL one act play prepares students for involvement in directing a competition play.

Students must complete a 24-hour emphasis in theater as one of the two secondary teaching fields.

"Being involved with the LCU theatre program is a great experience. Learning under professors who really have a passion for what they are teaching makes it all the more enjoyable. I have enjoyed being involved in the great productions that LCU has put on with the amazing people who make it all happen.

After I graduate I plan to get a job teaching theatre, either at the high school or middle school level. Teaching kids about a subject that is special to you and sparking an interest in others just sounds very rewarding in it self."

- Amanda Cole, alumni

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