Comprehensive Exam

Students are required to enroll in COU 6062 Comprehensive Exam concurrently with COU 5393 Internship II.  CMHC students will take the computer based comprehensive exam (CPCE-CBT) within the designated month, in the semester they are enrolled in Internship II. Students are expected to schedule and take their exam within the designated month. Once registered to take the exam, students will receive an email from the CMHC Program Coordinator detailing the steps to follow in order to secure a desired test time and date.

Designated Exam Month

Summer:         June
Fall:                 October
Spring:             March

Testing Locations

Lubbock area students have the option to take the exam at Lubbock’s Pearson site, which is located downtown in the Wells Fargo building. The cost to take the exam at a Pearson site is $150.

Pearson Professional Centers-Lubbock TX

1500 Broadway St
Suite 1113
Wells Fargo Center
Lubbock, Texas 79401

Students who wish to take their exam on the Lubbock Christian University campus, must contact Ingrid Wright at (806) 720-7480 for dates and schedule.  Traditionally, the on-campus testing date is on a Saturday within the designated month. The cost of the exam is $75 to take the exam at LCU.

Students who reside outside of the Lubbock, TX region may schedule their test at a Pearson Vue Site near them. More information regarding test scheduling will be discussed in COU 5393 Internship II supervision.