Frequently Asked Questions

As an incoming student in the online Master of Science in Human Services (MHSC) program at Lubbock Christian University, we know you have many questions about the program and how it will help you fulfill your calling to help others. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. 

If I want to start a nonprofit company or take a leadership role with a nonprofit agency in my community, is this the right degree program for me?

Yes. The online MHSC will give you the skills you need to start, lead, or transform a nonprofit service organization. The Non-Profit Leadership specialization focuses on leadership and management skills for nonprofit companies, and the Family Life Educator specialization emphasizes direct, preventative service to individuals and families.

When can I start the program?

The online MHSC program has start dates at the beginning of each semester, fall, spring, and summer.

How much time do classes take?

The time it takes each student to complete their coursework can vary depending on their study habits, but we suggest allocating about 15 hours a week per class.

Is there a campus residency?

No. The MHSC is an all-online program with no campus residency.