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MissionLink is an institute of Lubbock Christian University that aspires to prepare students, churches, and fellow Christians through research, teaching, training, discipleship, and services for participation with God in his holistic mission for all people. With the tools of mutual learning, critical reflection, and shared engagement, we seek to promote understanding and harmony in the midst of diversity within our churches and communities locally and globally.

Mission Statement

Preparing, Promoting, Partnering: A Response to the Missional Call of the Kingdom of God

October 23 Event on Fundraising for Mission Growth

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Education in MissionLink

Lubbock Christian University works to equip students for global service. LCU offers BOTH a major and a minor in missions so more students that want to have the opportunity to study missions. These programs offer a strategic array of courses to build the foundation and skill sets for students to succeed wherever their profession takes them. Students studying missions at LCU have the opportunity to:

  • Learn from experienced professors who have lived and served abroad for decades
  • Grow in maturity, skills, and integrity within a strong faith-based community
  • Participate in internships in Lubbock, the United States, and throughout the world
  • Utilize access to many research and study resources through Lubbock Christian University and MissionLink
  • Expand knowledge and expertise through undergraduate guided research


Lubbock Christian University and MissionLink organize a variety of internship experiences. We make every effort to match student interests and skill levels with one of growing number of non-profit or non-government organizations, schools, children’s homes, and social outreach programs. Students have the opportunity to work under seasoned field personnel to gain practical, hands-on experience that complements their academic studies.

We currently have partners who work all over the globe. Some of our internship locations include:

  • Kenya
  • Nicaragua
  • Uganda
  • United States

Can’t commit to a summer-long internship? MissionLink also can connect you to short term mission trips.


Student and child in Kenya

MissionLink seeks to promote better communication and understanding in our quickly changing local community. With a growing multi-ethnic and multi-national presence, cultivating skills to bridge the cultural gaps in our own neighborhoods is essential for successful engagement. MissionLink can also help churches expand or improve their global service. 

MissionLink offers seminars on:

  • Worldview and Cultural Dynamics
  • The Power and Misunderstanding of Words
  • Fundraising and Developing Partnerships
  • Personnel Care
  • Team formation
  • and many others

MissionLink also has access to cultural assessment tools to help prepare potential missionaries for work in the mission field. Since cultural transition can be a difficult process, this service helps assess one’s cross cultural strengths and weaknesses and discover which areas need additional training.

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