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Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology prepares students for a myriad of vocations both within and outside of the field of Psychology. This program seeks to prepare students for various vocational fields and for graduate school education. The major includes courses in counseling, ethics, personality, physiology, development, multicultural issues, statistics, and research. There is also a practicum course in which students gain experience in the community. Upon graduation students will be well prepared for a future in the field of Psychology.

Program Outcomes

Learners will be able to demonstrate proficient knowledge of:

  • assessing, critiquing, conducting, and presenting research
  • abnormal psychology
  • learning, cognition, and memory
  • developmental and social psychology
  • sensory, perception, and physiology


Practicum involves a local placement in a structured and supervised field setting to give an introductory experience to the field of human sciences and overview of the work of a professional in a helping profession. Students will have the opportunity to experience a professional role and become acquainted with an agency or site and develop skills needed by professionals in the field. The practicum consists of 120 supervised hours for family studies and psychology majors.

Emphasis in Sports Psychology

This degree, with emphasis in Sport Psychology prepares students to apply the principles of Psychology to the fields of sport, competition, and physical performance. Courses include physiology, motor learning, exercise, and a practicum in which students gain experience in the community. This degree will also prepare students for graduate school education, as well as entry into the field of Sport Psychology.

Minor in Psychology

The Minor in Psychology is an 18-hour program for those interested in learning the principles of Psychology and applying them to other disciplines and vocations. The courses in this program are: General Psychology, Counseling Theories and Techniques, Abnormal Psychology, Psychological Statistics, Social Psychology, and Theories of Personality

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