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Grant Application

In order for LCU to instill and foster academic tenacity in our students, faculty must consider learning frameworks that support students in their efforts to persist in the classroom. These monetary awards are intended to support faculty in two ways: 1) to provide funding for training or materials that faculty need to widen their repertoire of pedagogical strategies, or 2) to provide Research and Development awards for faculty who desire to redesign curriculum or courses to meet the needs of 21st century learners or participate in scholarly work related to teaching and learning, such as conducting research or working on publications. Proposal deadlines are October 15 and February 15 of each academic year. Three funding options are offered:

  1. Travel Grants
  2. Materials Grants
  3. Research and Development Awards 

Travel Grants

Travel grants are awarded to faculty to support attendance at conferences that focus on pedagogy, or ones that have a strand that does so – either discipline specific or related to higher education in general. Funding would cover conference registration fees, travel, meals, and lodging up to $1,000.00 per grant.

Materials Grants

This grant provides funding needed to purchase materials that have the potential to enrich the classroom and create a learner-centered environment for students. Up to $1,000.00 per grant.

Research and Development Awards

This stipend supports faculty in their efforts to redesign courses or create curricula to include research based strategies that are learner-centered, or to support faculty who are involved in scholarly work related to pedagogy including research or publication endeavors. Awarded at $1,500.00 each.