Lubbock Christian University

Kappa Phi Kappa


Kappa Phi Kappa is a sisterhood of strong, confident, and loving women who strive to serve God in all that we do. Our club was established in 1957, and was built on love, purity, and friendship. Our club scripture is 1 Corinthians 13, which is the foundation of which Kappa stands. Our goal as a club is to exemplify the type of love, spoken about in this passage, in all that we do.

Kappa is a sisterhood where everyone matters. Everyone is known, loved, accepted, included, and celebrated. This sisterhood is not a place where we must work to fit in; but rather it is something that fits us perfectly because of who we are and Whose we are. Kappa exists to form bonds, to build each other up, and to love one another as He loved us. It exists to bring joy into our lives, to deepen relationships, and to further His kingdom.

It is my goal as president to do whatever I can to grow this sisterhood and continue to celebrate the things for which we were founded on- love, purity, and friendship. It is also my goal to lead Kappa closer to Jesus, as we also grow closer in our relationships with one another. Our main goal, not only as members of Kappa, but as Christians, is to follow and be more like Jesus, which is something we strive to do daily.

Viva Kappa,
Tristen Montenegro

Mission Statement

Kappa Phi Kappa exists for the purpose of promoting social and spiritual development for the women of Kappa, with the idea that Christian womanhood shall be the standard for all members. We seek to develop strong Christian women who serve God in all parts of their lives. The aims of Kappa are to, first and foremost, give their all to God, to always exhibit Christian influence in community affairs, grow together as sisters in Christ, to lead the way in sportsmanship, promote school spirit, and to be of service to LCU in any way possible. We also desire for our members to be close and to grow in their relationships with one another. We pride ourselves on the community we have built and how close we are as sisters in this club.

Club Scripture

I Corinthians 13


  • Brother Club: Alpha Chi Delta
  • Club Colors: Red and White
  • Slogan: “Viva Kappa”
  • Club Chant: Rudi Tudi
  • Club Flower: Red Carnation