Koinonia on stage at Master Follies


Koinonia and CD's during Social Club Week

Welcome to Koinonia’s page! I’m Jeremy Laughery, president of Koinonia for this academic year. Here are some of the things that I feel Koinonia is about.


One of the main goals of Koinonia as a men’s social club is to give back to Lubbock Christian University and the Lubbock community as a whole. Service projects that we participate in include volunteering for the Open Door Banquet, volunteering for the Open Door funnel cake booth, singing gospel songs for the residents of both the Southern Specialty and Legacy at South Plains nursing homes regularly, as well as various other service projects that are brought to us throughout the year.


Koinonia has many major, long-standing traditions. We love to serenade our Christliche Damen sisters at all our major events, to participate in our annual milk bath at Get Busy Bash, to perform our Master Follies shows at CiCi’s every year with CDs, and to take part in a variety of other traditions—passed down throughout our years as a club—during Social Club Week, our annual club Retreat, and even our weekly meetings. Oh, and we love milk.


As a club of Christian men, we strive to exemplify the example Christ has set for us. Our club verse stands as a motto for Koinonia and explains well what we attempt to do every day—to be a likeminded group of believers, to be selfless in our actions, and to look to the interests of our brothers before our own.

Community with our Sister Club

Christliche Damen is our sister club, and many of our major events are spent with them. Our annual Halloween Party, Christmas Party, Retreat, and Banquet are all joint events with CDs. We also coordinate and participate with CDs in service projects, mixers, activities during Social Club Week, and various other club events and traditions throughout Master Follies and throughout the year. Koinonia and Christliche Damen are very closely tied both in friendship and in fellowship.

Quick Facts

  • Year founded: 1957
  • Club Verse: Philippians 2:1-5
  • Club Colors: Black and Gold
  • Club Purpose: The purpose of Koinonia shall be to encourage the proper development in social graces, to develop leadership and cooperation in joint endeavors, to cooperate with and work for the betterment of Lubbock Christian University, and in general, to cause all men who are members of this club to grow into the fullest Christian maturity possible.