On Belay

At LCU we venture outside the box, or shipping container in our case! In Fall 2009 LCU added a Rock Wall to our Recreation Center. We have added Rock Climbing Classes through our Exercise and Sport Sciences Department.

Our Rock Wall Green Project was made possible by taking two shipping containers and stacking them end to end. This allows climbers to climb almost to the top of the field house.

If you don't want to climb the rock wall, take the stairs! Inside the rock wall are stairs that lead all the way to the top. At the top of the stairs you can exit and repel down the side of the wall.

Belay On!

There are several options to climbing:

  • Bouldering 
  • Tier 1 Certification - Including auto belay climbing and manual belay
  • Tier 2 Certification - Including lead climbing and repeling
  • Annual recertification is required for any climbers, for any currently certifications held.
  • For more information on certification classes, please contact the Welcome Desk at 806.720.7860.

*Fees go towards equipment replacement. Certification classes will be offered.

For additional information or questions please contact the Director of Recreational Life, Amy Shero at 806.720.7862 or amy.shero@lcu.edu.