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Office of Student Professional Development

Dream | Explore | Discover

From the beginning of your academic career to graduation and beyond, we are dedicated to your personal growth and success.  We focus on meeting you where you are and helping you get where you want to go. Thinking about your future as you are navigating your journey can be overwhelming at times and we are here to help guide you through the process—from dreaming about what is possible, exploring your career options, and discovering the direction of your path.

DREAM: Consider the possibilities.

Some people know exactly what they want to study and what they will do after graduation. Many will change majors along the way or have no idea what their future holds. The great thing about college is the opportunity to imagine and consider opportunities as you learn about yourself. We can help you learn about what would be the best major for you, how to connect and be involved in community, and create experiences that help you find your way.

EXPLORE: Gain knowledge and understanding.

As you learn more about yourself and identify your passions and strengths, discovering what fulfills you, you will want to use your new knowledge and understanding to further examine and explore options that most align with the direction you want to go in your future. We will help you make connections in your field to build your network, navigate searching for a job, and be a resource to you.

DISCOVER: Know your direction.

Once you have considered all the possibilities and gained new knowledge and understanding, it is time to align your steps in the direction you want to go. We will help you through the professional development process through career advising, resume writing, and practicing effective interview skills, so you are prepared and ready.

The office of Student Professional Development is located in the Christa Dobbs School of Business suite. To schedule an appointment email

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