Lubbock Christian University

Summer Classes 2023

Summer 2023 Course Offerings

Want to get ahead in your path to a degree? Looking to graduate early, or just to take some extra classes on the side for a reduced price? LCU's summer courses often offer smaller class sizes, meaning more one-on-one instruction with professors, and also come at a lower cost. Here are just a few reasons why summer courses are the best deal around:

  1. Discounted Tuition for Most Undergraduate Courses: The more hours you take, the cheaper they are!
    1. 1-4 hours @ $575 per hour
    2. 5-9 hours @ $550 per hour
    3. 10-12 hours @ $500 per hour
      (Undergraduate nursing and graduate courses have different pricing structures)

  2. Low Housing Costs:
    1. Maymester (Summer II): Stay in your current facility till the end of May for only $300
    2. Junemester (Summer III) or Julymester (Summer IV) only $490 (JH and KR residents would need to move into other campus housing)
    3. Summer V: $980
    4. Full Summer (Summer I): $1,313
  3. Financial Aid: Students enrolled in at least 6 credit hours in summer school may receive 1/3 of their federal aid eligibility including Pell Grant or loans for the fall ’23 semester to assist with summer costs.

Check out course offerings from a myriad of disciplines across campus, and discover how these opportunities can help you level up your education.

Summer Courses Offered

Course Code Course Description Delivery Method
UNI200 University Skills Onground
SOCW5483 Advanced Field Onground
PSY3320 Social Research Methods Online
PSY3310 Psychological Statistics Online
PSY1300 General Psychology Online
NUR5440 Primary Care Practicum Onground
NUR5319 Global Culture and Health VII: Holy Lands Onground
NUR5302 Research and Statistical Methods Hybrid
NUR5200 Introduction to Graduate Studies Hybrid
MIN6352 Special Topics: Archaeology Onground
MAT3303 Probability and Statistics Online
ESS4330 Internship in ESS Onground
ESS4430 Internship in ESS Onground
ESS4230 Internship in ESS Onground
EDU5356 Principal Practicum II Onground
EDU5353 Principal Practicum I Onground
COU6062 Comprehensive Exam Onground
COU5393 Counseling Internship II Hybrid
COU5392 Counseling Internship I Hybrid
COU5391 Counseling Practicum Hybrid
COU5361 Techniques in Individual and Family Counseling Online
COU5360 Counseling Theory and Practice Online
COU5343 Introduction to School Counseling Online
COU5320 Research in Counseling Online
COU5301 Introduction to Clinical Mental Health Counseling Online
BIO3301 Introductory Genetics Online
BIO1300 Human Biology Online
BIB3352 Special Topic: Biblical Archaeology Onground
Course Code Course Description Delivery Method
UNI2000 University Skills Onground
SWK3314 Family & Community Violence Online
REA3330 Literacy and the Young Child Onground
NRC4405 Wildlife and Fisheries Science Onground
ESS3321 Management of Sports Hybrid
ESS1270 First Aid and CPR Onground
ESS1201 Intro to Exercise and Sports Science Onground
ESP3382 The Exceptional Child Onground
ESL3382 1st and 2nd Language Acquisition Onground
ENG3300 Literature for Children & Young Adults Hybrid
ENG1302 Composition and Literature Online
EEL3320 Early Childhood Education Onground
COM3354 Advertising Onground
COM2340 Communication for the Professional Onground
Course Code Course Description Delivery Method
UNI2000 University Skills Onground
SOC1300 General Sociology Online
PHY1303 General Physics I Onground
PHY1103 General Physics I Lab Onground
GOV4352 Special Topics: Health Care Policy Online
FIN2301 Personal Financial Planning Online
ESS4382 Life Span Motor Development Online
ESS2310 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries Hybrid
ESS1200 Personal Fitness and Wellness Online
ESL3372 Teaching the Multicultural/Multilingual Student Onground
ENG3308 Technical Writing Online
CHE1306 Introductory Chemistry Online
CHE1106 Introductory Chemistry Lab Online
BIB3305 Christian Heritage Online
Course Code Course Description Delivery Method
ECO2301 Macroeconomics Online
EDU6062 Comprehensive Exam Onground
NRC2300 Environmental Systems Online
MGT3300 Principles of Management Online
HIS2350 History of Texas Online
HIS2302 History of the United States II Online
ENG4352 Special Topics: Film and World Literature Online
ECO2301 Macroeconomics Online
BIO3322 Nutrition Online
Course Code Course Description Delivery Method
NUR6301 Transitional Research and Evidence-Based Practice Online
NUR5350 Literature Review Online
NUR5311 Professional Issues: Law and Ethics Hybrid
NUR5310 Education/Leadership Practicum Onground
NUR5308 Global and Cultural Health II: Netherlands Onground
NUR5307 Applying Best Practices: Community Healthcare Hybrid
NUR5306 Global Culture and Health I: Netherlands Onground
NUR5304 Management of Healthcare Resources Hybrid
NUR5303 Education/Information Technology Application Hybrid
NUR5200 Introduction to Graduate Studies Hybrid
NUR4404 Spirituality in Nursing Online
NUR4320 Comparative Health Systems Online
NUR4318 Professional Role Development Online
NUR4311 Nursing Research Online
NUR3314 Trends and Issues in Professional Nursing Online
NUR3214 History and Theory in Nursing Online
NUR3200 Intro to BSN Online
NUR3199 Writing and Research Online
MAT1311 College Algebra Online
EDU6301 School Finance Onground
EDU5344 Working with Parents and Family of Children with Special Needs Hybrid
EDU5343 Cross Battery Learning Disability Assessment Onground
EDU5338 Advanced Dyslexia Onground
EDU5329 Content Area Literacy Online
EDU5320 Educational Law Hybrid
EDU5319 Basic Dyslexia II Onground
EDU5318 Basic Dyslexia I Onground
EDU5316 Ethics for the Leader Online
EDU5315 Curriculum and Instructional Leadership Hybrid
EDU5303 Integrating Educational Technology Online
EDU5302 Advanced Learning Theory and Human Development Hybrid
COU5384 Addictions Online
COU5383 Counseling Children, Adolescents, and Families Online
COU5344 Counseling Special Populations Online
COU5314 Assessment of Individuals and Families Onlline
BUA2310 Business Statistics Online
BIB3310 Christian Life Nursing Online
ACC2301 Principles of Financial Accounting Online