What is the purpose of Lubbock Christian University?

The mission of Lubbock Christian University is nothing less than to change the lives of students and to prepare and equip them for lives of purpose and service. The University’s motto-Learning. Character. Citizenship.-reflects the concern with the whole student. We seek to be authentically Christian in all aspects of our life together and to provide a transformative educational experience for students, one that strengthens faith, stretches minds, and foster a life of service.


What is the 2020 Vision Campaign?

The theme, 2020 Vision-The Campaign for Lubbock Christian University, complements the name of the University’s strategic plan and embodies the critical objectives which will propel LCU in fulfilling its mission for the coming decade and beyond.


Who authorized the campaign?

At a February 2015 meeting, the LCU Board of Trustees approved the campaign. This decision follows more than two years of assessment, research, and planning by the faculty, staff, and administration of the University.


When will the 2020 Vision campaign begin?

Advance gifts of $18 million have already been received designated for the James & Jeanette Ling Science Center and the Margaret Talkington Nursing Center. The first campaign was for the LCU faculty and staff which took place in the spring of 2015. Campaigns for the trustees/former trustees and LCU Foundation will follow soon after the beginning of the faculty/staff campaign. Other campaigns will be planned through 2016 and 2017. Donors may make their gift or pledge at any time.


What are the campaign goals?

The base of the 2020 Vision Campaign is $50,000,000. The Challenge Goal is $60,000,000. Both goals include an $8,000,000 goal for planned gifts. This is the most ambitious campaign in LCU’s history.


How can I support the campaign?

While one-time cash gifts are welcomed, the 2020 Vision Campaign encourages donors to optimize their giving potential by making multi-year pledges.

Three-year pledge are encouraged. However, donors may select the payment schedule convenient to them.


What is a planned gift?

A planned gift is most often considered a “deferred gift” which will provide a benefit to LCU at a later date e.g., a will, living trust, life estate, life insurance, or retirement plan. A number of planned gifts provide the donor(s) an income for their lifetimes or specific term of years, after which the remaining portion of the gift is used by the University as the donor has directed: charitable gift annuities and charitable trusts. Donors should consult with the Advancement Staff and their legal advisors.


What are other ways to give?

In addition to cash pledges, donors may contribute other assets such as stocks, mutual funds, real estate, royalties, cash value of paid life insurance policies or other items of value. Donors are encouraged to consult with a member of the Advancement Staff regarding non-cash contributions.


Are gifts tax deductible?

All gifts to the University are fully deductible as allowed by law. Please consult your legal and financial advisors regarding your specific circumstances.


How may additional information be obtained?

Raymond Richardson
Vice President for University Advancement