Lubbock Christian University
Join the Mission with a year-end gift

Thousands of students have walked the LCU campus and across a stage in royal blue robes to receive the culmination of their university education. However, a diploma is not the only thing a student takes with them after four years at Lubbock Christian University.

LCU provides every student the opportunity for an academically vibrant experience within a nurturing Christian community so that they can live with purpose and service in His kingdom.

As you reflect on your accomplishments and blessings over the last year, remember the students at LCU and that THE BEST INVESTMENTS YIELD ETERNAL REWARDS.

Gullo Hall is the newest construction on campus. The new residence hall will be home to over 170 students each semester. Students will move into Gullo Hall in January 2024. With your support of a monthly recurring gift, a year end gift of over $100 or more, or membership in the LCU President’s Circle, you will receive a 2023 LCU commemorative Christmas ornament of Gullo Hall.

gullo hall ornament