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Apply for Vocati

Student Application

The Vocati Institute is for High School Students who have completed 9th grade through those who have graduated 12th grade. Before a potential student will be considered for the Institute they must have a congregational Nominator and a Mentor.

This nomination and mentor requirements ensure that participating students are prepared for the intensive residency and exhibit the ability to remain active and engaged in the program throughout the year. Once nominated, eligible students will need to secure a mentor. Once a mentor is identified, nominated students are then encouraged to fill out and submit their application.


  • The Nominator Form is to be completed by the person nominating the student for the Vocati Institute. Every student applying for the Institute needs to have a nominator. A nominator should be a preacher/pastor or other church leader who knows the student well enough to speak to his or her desire and ability to participate in the Institute.


  • The Mentor Form is to be completed by the person mentoring the student throughout the year-long duration of the Institute. Every student applying for the program needs to have a mentor. A mentor should be a pastor/preacher or other church leader of the same gender as the student who desires to mentor them throughout the duration of the program.

Consent and Assent Information

Participants and parents must watch the Informed Consent video below and sign the appropriate areas of the student application.

Look through some common questions.

consent video