Dr. Harvie M. Pruitt

The one reason we’re here is to exert a positive spiritual influence on the lives of young people.” –Dr. Harvie M. Pruitt

In 1976, Dr. Harvie Pruitt became the third president of LCU and served in that role until 1982.

The decade prior to becoming president, Dr. Pruitt had served as Professor of Education, chairman of the Faculty Senate, and Academic Dean. His familiar face and affable style made for a smooth administrative transition. During his presidency, Dr. Pruitt led LCU into a period or reevaluation, reorganization, and renewal. Dr. Pruitt’s faith-dominated perspective echoed LCU’s original principles.

Dr. Pruitt coordinated the efforts of the college to receive the largest federal grant given to a private college for effluent water research. The development of the project, and the ultimate sale of the land on which it was carried out, formed the core of what is now the University endowment. In 1993, he was named President Emeritus of the university.