Dr. Steven S. Lemley

"Lubbock Christian University has a great story with memorable and faithful people in our history. We have a great cloud of witnesses around us. They are cheering us on and, maybe, even running with us. If you listen you may hear them. If you look you may see them. Like them, we create, persevere, seek peace, and we believe in better things to come." — Dr. Steven S. Lemley

Dr. Steven Lemley, an LCU alumnus ('65), became the fourth president of Lubbock Christian University in 1982. In the eleven years of his presidency, the college saw increased growth and stability.

Dr. Lemley instilled confidence in the faculty, staff, and students, during his presidency. He helped the school make the transition from a college to a university with the accreditation of the graduate Bible programs. During his tenure, the college experienced a balance not before present.

LCU had under 1,000 students when Dr. Lemley first arrived. As president, he made enrollment his first priority. As a result, Dr. Lemley developed the President’s Ambassadors, a group of students dedicated to spreading the word about LCU through guided tours and telephone calls.