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Alfred & Patricia Smith
College of Biblical Studies


Everyone is called to do kingdom work. Not everyone is prepared to serve cross-culturally. Sharing Christ is hard enough in our own language and ethnic group. It is a soul-stretching, character-building, spiritual experience to live among very different people, learn a new culture and language, understand a unique worldview, and discover creative ways to share and demonstrate the love of Christ. Are you interested in a work that will change you and those whom you serve? Are you up for a challenge? Are you ready to take the less-traveled, harder road? Years ago, I accepted the invitation to do mission work in East Africa, and my life, family, and ministry have been forever changed. A degree in Missions will provide you with the academic, practical, and spiritual tools needed to serve Christ cross-culturally. Buckle up and join us!

Shawn Tyler
Director of MissionLink

What will I be prepared to do when I graduate?


how cultures work.


personal skills for the mission field.


God’s mission to reconcile ALL people and ALL things to him.


others while affirming their dignity and without co-dependence.

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Mission is not what some people do sometime; it is what God does all the time.

Missions is not something a few people do “over there,” but what everyone does all the time.

The Mission of God is not just about the soul; it is about the whole.

Alumni Spotlight

Chad Wheeler

Chief Executive Officer, Open Door

LCU Missions equipped me for cross-cultural ministry and communication development among people of poverty and homelessness. It’s a foundation I draw on every day.

Jonathan Wynne

Executive Director, Tova Coffeehouse

LCU Missions formed my life in significant ways. Ultimately, the revelation of God’s reconciling mission narrated in Scripture, throughout history, and its present unfolding has both challenged and transformed my identity, thinking, and agency as a disciple aiming to faithfully witness the truth: Jesus is Lord.

Courtney Tyler

Artist in Residence, Covenant Women’s and Children’s Hospitals

A minor in Missions expanded my worldview, teaching me how to hear others stories and see how God’s story unfolds in a variety of contexts; helping me in my workplace relationships particularly in teaching groups of people who are different from my own life experiences.

MissionLink Center for Global Engagement

MissionLink is an institute of Lubbock Christian University that aspires to prepare students, churches, and fellow Christians through research, teaching, training, discipleship, and services for participation with God in his holistic mission for all people.

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