Lubbock Christian University

Anonymous Donation to Fund Scholarships for Accounting Students

Lubbock Christian University (LCU) was gifted an anonymous donation of $400,000 from a generous donor in Artesia, New Mexico to provide scholarships for students pursuing a graduate level degree in accounting from the LCU School of Business.

This new donation has been added to a previous donation given in 2018, making the total of the scholarship $600,000. The scholarship specifically benefits students who are in their fifth year of study pursuing their Master of Accounting degree.

During the 2021-22 academic year, all graduate accounting students were able to receive a portion of the scholarship money. Dr. Laci Richardson, Assistant Professor of Accounting and Program Coordinator for the Master of Accounting program at LCU, commented, “This scholarship is a great benefit for our students. As the program continues to grow, the increase in the endowment will allow for more scholarships for more students.”

Priority for the scholarship will be given to students from Artesia, N.M. or to students who have a desire to enter the workforce in Artesia upon completion of the graduate program. Dr. Richardson continued, “Because the scholarship is set up to give priority to students from Artesia, or those wanting to work in that community, we are able to recruit outstanding students from there and send our graduates there to work. The donor is an active member of the Artesia community, and this scholarship is another way the donor is creating a legacy in Artesia and at LCU.”

The generosity of donors like this individual means volumes to LCU. “The scholarship endowment is a tremendous blessing to the Master of Accounting program at LCU because the money goes directly to students, encouraging them to pursue their advanced degree and the Certified Public Accountant exam,” concluded Dr. Richardson.

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