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Here at LCU School of Business we seek to graduate not just highly-educated students, but students who are also highly-ethical—they know how to lead and manage. We want to give them experiences outside of the classroom—so we will take trips to New York where we visit the places like the New York Stock Exchange. We have a competition each spring called Chap Tank, which is a small business idea competition where students can earn prize money and help them fund their business and their idea. We have a Leadership Summit trip where we bring our students together with business professionals—business leaders who not only are at the top of their organizations, but there are also Christians. We give our students so many opportunities to bridge the gap of classroom knowledge and practical real-world application, which is evident when you combine what we do in the classroom with what we do outside of the classroom. With our students, then when they graduate from LCU, they are well-prepared for a career in whatever field it is that they’ve chosen, whether it's accounting, economics, finance, or digital media arts. It may be that you have a perspective outside of the classroom that's valuable that students won't get at every university. “Because of LCU connections, I've managed to get an internship at a huge restaurant chain working in the finance department. The first day I was in the office, the financial director showed me some of the day-to-day operations. Some of the things that he showed me were things that I was familiar with from the classes that I've taken here. This included sales projections, spreadsheets, how they do the payroll—the fact that I was already familiar with some of the tools and ideas that he was overseeing made it easy for me to step into the internship and explain my knowledge in the field of Finance.” “My senior year I wasn't sure of what I wanted to do I. told Tiffany that they have sent me an email from this bank saying that they would like to interview me. She helped set up a mock interview so that they could help me prepare. That sounded really good because I was really scared and I had never done this type of interview before. That day I went in and she helped me cover information like what I should or shouldn't say. The real interview was with the HR director, but since my professors had prepared me, it felt like it was just a normal conversation with her because she did ask me some of the questions that they had already prepared me for. It was just like telling her about myself, and now I have a full-time job at ABC Bank. It's just so great being around people that are so friendly each day. Everyone gets along really well, and it's really a nice place to work.” “I really that we have great teachers, who are knowledgeable and who are well-educated, who know what they're talking about. Anyone who's looking at where they want to go to school, I want to invite you to come down to let us show you around. Let us show you that we really are going to take care of you and get to know you as a student as a person.”

A Message From the Dean

Welcome to the Lubbock Christian University School of Business! We invite you to explore these pages, within which we offer you a brief introduction to an educational experience unmatched by any other you will find. Our community offers dynamic, comprehensive programs of study in a variety of business and technology-related fields:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) with majors in Accounting, Economics, Finance, Information Systems Management, and emphases in Management, Marketing, and General Business;
  • Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor's of Science (BA/BS) in Economics;
  • Bachelor of Science (BS) in Information Systems and Technology; 
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Digital Media Arts and Applications.

These programs are developed and led by an exceptional and diverse faculty who represent the best of real-world business experience and success, award-winning mastery in the art of teaching, consistent excellence in academic scholarship, and passion for the well-being of each individual student. The gifted professionals charged with overseeing our programs all believe strongly in the mission of Lubbock Christian University: to be a Christ-centered, academic community of learners, transforming the hearts, minds, and hands of students for lives of purpose and service.

Our unwavering commitment to providing outstanding, unparalleled business education is demonstrated by our accreditation by the Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Our dedication to students of today and tomorrow is exemplified by the Christa Dobbs Center for Business, a beautiful, state-of-the-art facility that has housed the School of Business since 2018.

Upon graduation, students of the LCU School of Business enjoy fantastic career opportunities followed by tremendous career and life success. Our graduates are sought after and prized—for their knowledge and skills; for their commitment to strong work ethic, humility, and integrity; and for the mission-focused energy, positive contribution, winning attitude, and commitment to high standards that are hallmarks of the LCU School of Business culture and identity. Here at LCU, we teach. We strengthen. We equip. We build. We prepare. And then, we send out into the world leaders who will serve, inspire, make a difference, and light the way.

Whether you are a new student just out of high school or a non-traditional student returning to facilitate your career advancement, we invite you to join our family for what I am certain will be a deeply meaningful, one-of-a-kind, transformative educational experience. Here you will be loved, valued, respected, served, challenged, and supported as together we pursue our vision of lasting, world-changing impact.

Matt Bumstead
Dean, LCU School of Business

Matt Bumstead, Dean, LCU School of Business

School of Business Programs


The mission of the Lubbock Christian University School of Business is to prepare students for their calling as Christ-centered Business professionals, fully equipped for lives of Christian service and leadership.   


To be the leading Christian business school in the region, while strategically expanding our reach and impact across the southwest, the nation, and the world.

The School of Business shares and affirms the values of Lubbock Christian University:

We seek to be authentically Christian, guided by our Christian faith in every dimension of our life as a community of higher learning.

  • We are committed to students, passionately seeking to provide a transformative educational experience. 
  • We are scholars and co-discoverers, guided by Christian wisdom while diligently seeking the truth in every discipline.
  • We are a welcoming community, embodying a spirit of hospitality in every aspect of our life together.
  • We are thoughtfully engaged, committed to serving as agents, models, and witnesses of the Kingdom of God in our families, churches, and communities.
  • We pursue the highest standards of excellence, “working with all our hearts, as working for the Lord,” and seeking to glorify God in everything we do.
  • We act with integrity, striving to discern right from wrong, speaking the truth, and keeping our commitments.
  • We treat others with dignity and respect, valuing each person as one made in God’s image.

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