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Information Systems and Technology

Programs of Study: Information Systems and Technology

The BS-IST degree is just one of the Advanced Technology Degrees offered by the School of Business at Lubbock Christian University.

here at LCU we are excited about what's happening in our ist area information systems technology and our is M our information systems management department these departments work on the intersection of business and technology basically computers can be broken down into about four different categories there's computer engineers the computer engineers design the chips and the logic boards the hardware that the computer system is made up of the computer scientists or the software engineers they write the code that runs these computers that's the operating systems the drivers and the core software the information technologists or the ist majors are the ones who take those first two components and they develop them into systems the is M majors are the ones that take those systems and make them work with business we feel that we're able to graduate students that will be well qualified to work in the industry and to go really far the experience at Lubbock Christian University has been phenomenal the classes in the ist program are quite small so you get a lot of one-on-one attention with your professors and they know you by name and you're not just a number one of the aspects of the program is the shop desk and we deal with all the technology issues for students faculty staff whether it be computers wireless printers things of that sort my favorite thing to do at the shop desk is getting a computer that won't turn on is running really really slow and just being able to see it turn on again or running faster and knowing that I was the one that was a to accomplish up working at the shop desk has given me experiences that I need and has allowed me to work one-on-one with my professors and help prepare me for life after graduation at the moment I'm working at an enterprise level state institution that serves 35,000 students and we have about eight to ten thousand endpoints and my position enables me to take care of everyone on the network as a whole so anything that I do any changes that I make affect the whole institution instead of just one particular person or a small group of people the IT program at LCU is really what opened my eyes to the broad spectrum of information technology it showed me the different places you can go and the limitless amount of things you can do in information technology you can either program for a certain company building and automating different pieces of software or you can try to rid your network of hackers and malicious content I'm really grateful and glad that LC was there to open my eyes otherwise I wouldn't be where I'm at today I'd love to invite you to come on down the Lovett Christian and see what it is that the ist ICM department has to offer come see how we troubleshoot computers see how we work with our chap desk program come and see our campus and see what it is that we have to offer here

The 126 hour Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Technology degree plan:

  • Will equip you to use information technology to solve some of the most pressing problems facing organizations today
  • Provides you with a well-rounded liberal arts education
  • Includes several important business courses that allow you to know more about the business environment in which technology operates
  • Has a core of technology classes based on the ACM’s (Association for Computer Machinery) and AIS’s (Association for Information Systems) IS 2010 Curriculum guidelines
  • Allows you to choose twelve hours of technology supporting courses to more narrowly focus your learning
  • Allows you to choose eighteen elective hours (enough for a minor in almost any subject) that can be applied to areas that enhance your tool set for various areas in the IST industry.
A Short List of Careers in Information Systems and Technology:
  • Database Administrator
  • Programmer / Analyst
  • Network Administrator
  • Security Administrator

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