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General Business

Programs of Study: General Business

Corporate business careers are available in pretty much every sector you can think of; all industries need strong leaders, managers, financial advisors and market-savvy decision-makers. For many business graduates, however, the traditional pathways still hold a strong appeal—including careers in the banking and financial sectors, consultancy, human resources and marketing roles.

For those looking outside of a straightforward corporate career, a business program also gives students the skills to create their own business, or to take on business and management roles within more creative industries, be that fashion, media, or even the charity sector.

For the major in Business Administration, students select one of four emphases:  General Business, AgriBusiness, Management, and Marketing.

General Business Emphasis

The General Business emphasis is quite versatile when it comes to career options. When earning this marketing degree, students are required to take classes in a broad range of subjects such as accounting, sales, management, finance, and marketing . Because of this, graduates are qualified for entry-level positions in many of these varied professions.

Courses include:

  • 15 hours upper level with 3 hours from each of ACC, BUA, ECO, FIN, and MGT
  • 3 hours upper level from ACC, BUA, DMA, ECO, FIN, IST, MGT or PFP

AgriBusiness Emphasis

The AgriBusiness Emphasis combines core technical agriculture classes and contemporary agricultural economics classes with business courses that provide a solid foundation for successful careers in agriculture and business management.

With a focus on the business of food and agricultural production, marketing and sales, the undergraduate agribusiness program coursework is relevant and responsive to changing needs in the agricultural industry. Students learn real-world job skills, such as how to enhance profitability of an agribusiness and techniques for success in personal and corporate sales.

Courses include:

  • AGR1304  Principles of Soil Science
  • ANS1303  Principles of Animal Science
  • NRC2300  Environmental Systems
  • AEC3304  Farm and Ranch Management
  • FIN4311  International Trade
  • 3 hours from:
    • AEC3315 Agricultural Policy
    • NRC3322 Natural Resources Policy, Regulation, and Compliance

Management Emphasis

Business management focuses on the art and science of running complex organizations and supervising others. Excellent business managers are versatile individuals with a wide range of skills, including the creativity necessary to dream up outstanding business ideas and the intuition required to foresee and prevent potential disasters for their companies. They need to be precise thinkers and communicators, and they must be able to lay out clear plans for their subordinates. 

These individuals should also be strategic to avoid setting unrealistic goals and meticulous to avoid missing key details and making catastrophic decisions. The most effective business managers tend to be highly charismatic people who have a knack for inspiring others and generating goodwill.

Course include:

  • ACC3303  Cost Accounting
  • BUA4320  Leadership
  • COM4372  Organizational Communication
  • MGT3301  Organizational Behavior
  • MGT4306  Human Resource Management
  • 3 hours upper level from ACC, BUA, DMA, ECO, FIN, IST MGT or PFP

Marketing Emphasis

Marketing refers to the many activities involved with promoting the buying and selling of goods and services. Marketing professionals analyze the needs and wants of markets and consumer groups and develop campaigns to meet those consumer requests on behalf of their organization.

Graduates who earn a bachelor degree in marketing come away with an understanding of the relationship between agencies and their customers as well as trends within the field itself.  BA in marketing programs typically includes comprehensive classes about core marketing principles, business communication and the general business landscape.

Course include:

  • BUA3306  Consumer Behavior
  • BUA4300  Professional Selling and Sales Promotion
  • COM2351  Introduction to Public Relations
  • COM3354  Advertising
  • DMA3332  Digital Fundamentals and Imaging
  • DMA3341  Advertising Design

LCU in Washington

Students are strongly encouraged to apply for a semester in Washington, D.C. as part of the LCU in Washington program.

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