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Programs of Study: Marketing

For the major in Business Administration, students select one of three emphases:  General Business, AgriBusiness, Management, and Marketing.

General Business Emphasis

  • 15 hours upper level with 3 hours from each of ACC, BUA, ECO, FIN, and MGT
  • 3 hours upper level from ACC, BUA, DMA, ECO, FIN, IST, MGT or PFP

AgriBusiness Emphasis

  • AGR1304  Principles of Soil Science
  • ANS1303  Principles of Animal Science
  • NRC2300  Environmental Systems
  • AEC3304  Farm and Ranch Management
  • FIN4311  International Trade
  • 3 hours from:
    • AEC3315 Agricultural Policy
    • NRC3322 Natural Resources Policy, Regulation, and Compliance

Management Emphasis

  • ACC3303  Cost Accounting
  • BUA4320  Leadership
  • COM4372  Organizational Communication
  • MGT3301  Organizational Behavior
  • MGT4306  Human Resource Management
  • 3 hours upper level from ACC, BUA, DMA, ECO, FIN, IST MGT or PFP

Marketing Emphasis

  • BUA3306  Consumer Behavior
  • BUA4300  Professional Selling and Sales Promotion
  • COM2351  Introduction to Public Relations
  • COM3354  Advertising
  • DMA3332  Digital Fundamentals and Imaging
  • DMA3341  Advertising Design

LCU in Washington

Students are strongly encouraged to apply for a semester in Washington, D.C. as part of the LCU in Washington program.

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