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Managerial Leadership

Some College, No Degree? We can help!

The Bachelor of Science in Managerial Leadership (MGL) is a 120 credit-hour program designed for adult learners who have completed some college credit but have not earned a degree. This program will be completed in an online, asynchronous format utilizing both 8-week and 16-week courses. Candidates seeking admission to the program are expected to be above 25 years of age and have completed at least 45 hours of prior college study. Candidates who meet the age requirement, but do not meet the hours completed, should contact the Lubbock Christian University Transfer Admissions to determine a pathway for completing the remaining hours needed for entrance into the program.

  • Did you begin a degree, but not ever graduate? You are not alone. Millions of people are in the same boat… and the LCU School of Business wants to help!
  • Do you need to finish a degree in order to increase your marketability or move up in your organization? This degree is designed for you.
  • The B.S. in Managerial Leadership allows the flexibility of an online-only degree designed for working professionals who work full-time while juggling family obligations.
  • While housed within the LCU School of Business, this degree incorporates a significant number of non-business courses so it is designed for students from any educational background.
  • The degree can be completed year-round (Fall, Spring, and Summer) or simply Fall and Spring.
  • This academic plan incorporates a significant number of Elective and Supporting Courses to more efficiently utilize your prior coursework.

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