Lubbock Christian University

LCU Graduate Part of Inaugural Class at Veterinary School

Kameron Deterding ('21), a recent graduate of Lubbock Christian University (LCU), was accepted into the first class of Texas Tech School of Veterinary Medicine in Amarillo, Texas. 

Kameron began life on his family’s cattle ranch in Colorado before moving to Lubbock at the age of six. Dr. Andy Laughlin, department chair of natural sciences at LCU, explained, “Growing up, his passions were playing baseball and working with animals—both experiences have molded him into the young professional he has become.”

“My passion for animals really began from childhood from household dogs and cats to working with cattle on the family ranch,” Kameron shared. “Working with animals has brought me joy for a long time, and I am eager to learn all about their health and wellbeing,” he said.

Kameron began his undergraduate studies at LCU in the Fall of 2017 after graduating from Frenship High School.  Kameron, a pitcher for the LCU Chap’s baseball team, followed his sister Kacey to LCU where she was an outstanding volleyball player for the Lady Chaps. Upon arrival, however, Kameron began to realize that his passion for animals overshadowed his love of baseball, and he made the decision to put his full attention on pursuing veterinary school.

“As one of his professors and mentors, I was most proud of how Kameron mentally worked through the process of retiring from collegiate baseball to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian,” shared Dr. Laughlin. “That is a tough and mentally taxing decision on a student-athlete and very few have the ability or wisdom to see the long-term career goals and what must be done.”

Kameron shared, “My first three years at LCU were spent on the baseball team where I learned about fulfilling your role in something bigger than yourself. I really enjoyed being a part of the baseball program.”

“My time at LCU was special in many ways. Along with a quality education, I grew spiritually as well,” Kameron continued. “I am very appreciative of the professors and their time and effort they gave to spend with me. They really go the extra mile in ensuring the information being taught makes sense. They all helped me in achieving my goal of being accepted into TTU School of Veterinary Medicine. My advisor, Dr. Laughlin, especially took the time to make sure I had everything I needed to achieve this goal.

Kameron received his bachelor’s degree from LCU in animal science with an emphasis in pre-veterinary medicine in May of 2021 and graduated Summa Cum Laude. 

Kameron notes that baseball is a ups and downs, and learning how to overcome the failures amidst the successes of the game have also taught him how to be a more thoughtful animal caretaker. Patience and perseverance both are keys to success in baseball and in raising and caring for animals.

“I am excited for Kameron to represent LCU in the TTU Veterinary School inaugural class,” continued Dr. Laughlin. “He set a goal to become a member of the first class that Texas Tech will sit, and he achieved his goal. He will be a contributor to the field of veterinary medicine and will make both universities proud to have him as one of their graduates.”

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