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Department of Natural Sciences

Natural Science Programs


The Department of Natural Sciences includes the Biological, Ecological, and Animal sciences. Each of these disciplines is continually growing as finer instrumentation shows us more about ourselves and the world in which we live. The scientific study of the organisms that God created, including plants, animals, and humans and the interrelationships among these provide abundant opportunities for education and research.

Our goal is to teach these disciplines of science in such a way that students will learn that science is not merely a collection of facts to be memorized, but rather that they would learn science as a process by which we understand the world around us. In this way, we strive to equip students to be successful in their chosen field by fostering in them the skills of careful observation and critical thinking.


The Department of Natural Sciences at Lubbock Christian University aims to advance undergraduate student understanding and appreciation of living organisms and their environments in the fields of biological, ecological, and animal sciences. We strongly believe in preparing our students for lives of purpose, which aligns with the University’s commitment to transformation. Students are developed through a high-quality undergraduate curriculum by faculty who are followers of Christ.  We strive to mature students in these fields by 1) teaching truthfully about the value and diversity of living organisms and their environments, 2) providing undergraduate research opportunities that have meaningful implications to society, 3) training students academically and professionally for acceptance into graduate schools and health care professions, and 4) graduating students with abilities to communicate science effectively in society.  We value curiosity and the exploration of evidence.  Our departmental community of faculty and staff actively engage in mentoring.  We invest in the individual lives of our students and proudly proclaim our identity in Christ.  We engage our undergraduate students in rigorous yet flexible curricula that affords individual students ownership in their programs of study and scholastic endeavors.  We educate our students to have strong foundations in the fundamental principles of biology, physiology, and scientific investigation. We believe undergraduate students that develop a mind of scientific inquiry and service can change society socially, culturally, and economically.

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To be the leading department regionally and nationally among private Christian universities for the development of desirable natural science graduates.


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