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Programs of Study: Biology

Welcome to the LCU Biology Degree program!

Our vision is to prepare students for a life of purpose and service in the biological disciplines.

The study of biology, which traces its origins back to the ancient Greeks, is helping students gain a better understanding of the life processes as they relate to all components of the environment.

With the advantage of small classes and individual attention from expert faculty, our science majors gain a solid foundation in the biological sciences. Lubbock Christian University's goal is to give students the tools necessary to meet their vocational and career objectives. Students acquire skills in scientific problem solving by means of laboratory, field and literature research. To achieve these goals, we:

  • use intensive classroom and library work
  • utilize laboratory and hands-on experiences
  • encourage community and volunteer involvement

Bachelor of Arts in Biology degree may be utilized in preparation for entry into health care programs other than medicine and dentistry. Students planning to complete graduate training in biological sciences should choose the BS degree program.

Bachelor of Science in Biology degree is useful in preparing for entry into Medicine, Dentistry, and graduate programs in biology, and is more Math and chemistry intensive than the Bachelor of Arts.

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