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Animal Science and Pre-Vet

Programs of Study: Animal Science and Pre-Veterinarian

Welcome to the LCU Animal Science and Pre-Veterinarian program!

Our vision is to be the leading, private, Christian university in the nation in the development of undergraduate animal scientists and future veterinarians.

As the global population continues to rise over the next 30 years, world leaders will look to animal scientists and agriculturalists to help supply the increased demand for food and products for humankind.  Domesticated animals, historically, have provided food, fiber, work, transportation, and companionship to humans.  While these will continue throughout the globe, additional human and animal interactions will certainly be discovered that will improve the lives of both.

The degree in Animal Science provides students with a strong foundation in the biology of domesticated animals.  This degree allows students to explore topics related to animal production such as principles of animal science, concepts in animal health and disease, reproduction, and animal nutrition as well as targeted studies in biology, chemistry, and mathematics.  Students completing this degree will be prepared for graduate education or for employment in the animal industry sector.  Recent graduates from our department are in graduate schools throughout the U.S. and enrolled in international animal science programs.  We also have graduates as zookeepers, educators, ranch managers, agricultural sales, loan officers, and business owners.

Students interested in becoming a veterinarian will be trained more rigorously to meet the prerequisite demands of veterinary schools across the nation.  The Animal Science Pre Veterinary Emphasis degree incorporates the animal science classes into the curriculum as well as organic chemistry, physics, biochemistry, analytical biotechnology, and immunology.  Completion of the Animal Science Pre Veterinary degree with a quality GPA and multiple animal experiences prepares a student well for application to veterinary schools across the nation.  Our students are frequently accepted to veterinary schools in the U.S.

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