Lubbock Christian University

LCU to Host Free COVID-19 Testing Over Holiday Break

Lubbock Christian University has announced that the Rip Griffin Center will serve as a host site for state-funded COVID-19 testing during select days throughout the end of December.

Testing will be available free to the public on December 18-19, 21-23, and 28-30, with hours of operation from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Testing results will normally take anywhere from 36 to 48 hours to obtain. The test will be conducted with a mouth swab.

“Cumulative evidence over the past few months has demonstrated that increased testing availability can help mitigate the spread of COVID-19,” explained Dr. Jeff Smith, Physician, Director of the LCU Medical Clinic, and member of LCU’s COVID Response Team (CRT). “Making these tests more accessible for both screening purposes and for early diagnosis can help to identify potential spreaders of the illness, in hopes of properly isolating infected individuals before further spread occurs.”

“Lubbock Christian University is pleased to collaborate with the Texas Division of Emergency Management to make free COVID-19 testing available to the community on the LCU campus,” emphasized Dr. Brian Starr, Professor of Business and Dr. Smith’s colleague on the CRT. “We continue to pray that God restores peace and healing to this world and hope to be instrumental in helping facilitate a part of that restoration.”

University officials advise anyone planning to visit friends or family who live outside their household over the Christmas break to consider taking a free COVID-19 test, leaving time to receive results just before the visit begins. The test itself is no guarantee against the transmission of the virus, but emerging evidence suggests that regular testing has been effective in combatting its spread.

LCU’s CRT is coordinating with state and local officials to attempt to secure additional free testing services during the Spring semester on or near the LCU campus as a tool to help protect the local community, LCU’s students, and employees through the new year.

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