Lubbock Christian University

Center for Student Success

The Center for Student Success is committed to helping students succeed by providing tutoring services, academic advising, mentoring, testing, and services for students with disabilities. The Center for Student Success is located in the Center for Academic Achievement building.

Accessibility Services

The University is a member of the Association on Higher Education and Disability and is committed to providing appropriate accommodations for students under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. The Office of Accessibility Services, located in room 117 of the Diana Ling Center for Academic Achievement, strives to ensure equal access to all students. Qualified individuals with disabilities may request accommodations through the Office of Accessibility Services 806.720.7156 or The Accessibility Services Coordinator is Larunda Creel ( 806.720.7156.

Academic Testing

Credit-by-exam opportunities are offered through CLEP, DSST, and end-of-course exams. See the advanced credit section of the catalog for more information.

Counseling Services

Lubbock Christian University is committed to providing counseling assistance for students struggling with academic pressures, family conflicts, relationship difficulties, career indecision, spiritual struggles, substance abuse and other problems. Students seeking counseling services are entitled to limited personal counseling each semester. The director of the Counseling Center is a Licensed Professional Counselor who adheres to the ethical standards of the profession. Counselors follow the strictest standards in regards to confidentiality and privacy, and measures are taken to protect all confidential counseling records. The Counseling Center is located upstairs in the Mabee Student Life Building.

Drug Policy and Education Program

The University drug policy is published annually in the student handbook. The Student Handbook is distributed to students during registration and is available on the University website. When University officials have reason to suspect that drugs are being used, the University reserves the right to drug test individuals and/or contact appropriate law enforcement officials. A substance abuse unit is incorporated in the core curriculum course ESS 1200 Personal Fitness and Wellness. One chapel program each year includes a presentation on substance abuse. During registration, students will receive information containing the policy on substance abuse and rules governing such abuse.

Health and Safety

The campus Public Safety operates 24 hours a day, 365 day a year. Public Safety officers enforce university regulations with respect to parking, alcohol, and drugs, and conduct other campus security functions. The university has an emergency notification system, which contacts students and university personnel by e-mail, text message, and telephone. The university uses the emergency contact information provided upon registration. Students are responsible for updating their emergency contact information through the student information system.

Global Campus

Lubbock Christian University offers multiple semester-long experiences for off-campus study abroad.  The Office of Global Campus can apprise students of these various opportunities, the application process, and requirements. Students should be aware that some semester-long academic experiences (e.g. internships through LCU Washington) are offered for upper-level students, while others, such as Study Abroad in Ávila, Spain, are designed with sophomore-level students in mind.

Students engaging in semester-long study abroad experiences will coordinate with the faculty advisors to obtain prior necessary courses substitutions where needed for study abroad classes within their academic degree plans. Those students who are interested in sophomore Study Abroad in Ávila, Spain should visit with their faculty advisors during their freshmen year to identify and set aside courses in their academic plans that will be offered in Spain.

Faculty advisors and LCU professors of related courses will work with the Office of Global Campus and Study Abroad faculty as necessary to identify and provide for reasonable course substitutions for semester-long study abroad courses. Faculty advisors will coordinate with the Office of the Registrar to aid students in identifying  the most appropriate placement for substitutions within the academic plan. Some pre-professional degrees include stringent certification requirements that do not allow for flexibility of substitution. Students enrolled in these programs should consult their advisors.


The university library provides learning resources to support university curricular offerings and assists with student research needs. Library holdings include over 125,000 books, 98,000 e-books, 240 print journal subscriptions, 40,000 full text journals, and 70 databases. Checkout privileges are available to students for a three week period. Librarians provide research instruction to classes and individual students. The University Library is located at the northeast corner of the university mall. Library resources and services are also available online.

Medical Clinic

The University has a medical clinic, with a full-time, on-site, licensed physician serving as the director of the clinic. The clinic is well equipped and staffed to handle the minor medical problems of university students, including acute illnesses and minor injuries, as well as maintenance therapy for certain chronic health conditions. The physician can assist with referrals to specialists in the Lubbock medical community when needed. There are several major hospitals and urgent care centers within 15 minutes of the University for emergencies or after-hours medical needs. The medical clinic is located on the second floor of the Mabee Student Life Building.

Office of Student Professional Development

The office of Student Professional Development aids students through the professional development process through career assessment, career research, career advising, instruction in in resume writing, and interviewing skills. The office of Student Professional Development is located in the Christa Dobbs School of Business suite.

Release of Information

The university will release directory information about students from its records in accordance with The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA). For additional guidance on this subject, please refer to FERPA: The Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act of 1974, and the Public Notification of Directory Information sections of the Student Handbook.

Student Life

Students participate in more than 25 student organizations, planned student activities, chapel, devotionals, co-curricular learning opportunities, attending intercollegiate games, or meeting friends at the student center, cafeteria, library, coffee bar, or in the mall. Recreational life is enhanced by a 70,000 square foot recreation facility which includes top of the line exercise equipment, intramural sports courts, and a climbing wall in the Rhodes-Perrin Recreational Center.

Student Conduct

The University provides an academic and social environment consistent with Christian principles. Students are responsible to follow the standards communicated in the student handbook and local, state, or federal laws. Students living in campus housing must uphold the policies of campus housing communicated in the Residential Life Guide. The university reserves the right to place students on probation or suspend or dismiss students for violating university standards of conduct.

The Student Handbook, Residential Life Guide, and this Catalog constitute a written agreement as to conduct and discipline while students are at Lubbock Christian University.

Student Mentoring

Mentors are available year-round to encourage students. Mentors are experienced in the stresses of college life and understand the difficulties associated with the transition to college life. Mentoring is available anytime without an appointment in the Center for Student Success.

Technology Support (ChapDesk)

Students can access the ChapDesk for help with authentication, printing issues, or any other technology support issue during their extended business hours (LCU: Technology). ChapDesk also provides technology self-help resources and after-hours support resources via Chaplink. Students enrolled in online courses and academic programs also have access to technology support resources on Moodle. Course materials and academic resources are also incorporated into the course management system for online courses and degree programs.

Tutoring Services

LCU offers peer tutoring for undergraduate courses at no additional cost for students. Students can request tutoring for any course(s) in the Center for Student Success. Tutoring sessions are usually scheduled for one hour per week in an individual or group tutoring session.