Lubbock Christian University

What is Chap Track?

Chap Track is a student enrichment initiative specifically designed to connect LCU students with campus resources. The purpose is for Faculty, Staff, Students and Parents to refer students for assistance who appear to have difficulties academically, socially or with issues of a more personal nature. Chap Track provides an opportunity for the entire LCU campus community to partner in helping students in need. This means anyone connected with the LCU campus can utilize Chap Track.

Important Notice: If there is an immediate crisis or emergency please call one of the following numbers relating to your need. Otherwise, follow the directions below for submitting your referral form.

Some Warning Signs for Referring Students:

  • Unusual or changed behavior, especially with personal relationships
  • Problems with roommates or other students
  • Use of drugs or alcohol
  • Academic struggles
  • Indecision concerning a career direction or changing majors

How to Use Chap Track:

Chap Track is a referral program so sharing a concern about a student, with persons who can help, is a simple process. Select the Referral Form link on this page, fill out the form and submit. The information will be processed and sent to the appropriate persons who are able to help the student in need.


All student information contained in Chap Track is confidential and complies with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Persons submitting information concerning a student are also kept in strict confidence.

What Happens When a Referral is Submitted?

  1. The referred student is contacted by email or phone to set-up an individual meeting for the purpose of assessing their needs.
  2. The student's information is reviewed and recommendations are made to address the issue and connect the student with the proper campus resources. In the case of academic problems an academic audit may be sent to the student's instructors concerning performance and attendance.
  3. A follow-up will be made to verify the student has been contacted and necessary steps have been taken to correct the issue.
  4. If any person involved in the referral process requests a report from the Shepherd Coordinator the information will be limited to general comments as to protect the confidentiality of the student.

It is important to understand some students may refuse help, and this is their right; thus, we cannot require a student to discuss their issue(s).