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LCU Chapel Speaker/Presenter Tips

Thank you for choosing to speak at Lubbock Christian University’s chapel. We appreciate your willingness to be with the LCU community and look forward to your presentation.  LCU Chapel meets daily in the McDonald Moody Auditorium on Lubbock Christian University’s campus. Since each chapel event has the potential to be a spiritually uplifting event, we have included some tips in order to assist you in your preparation:

What we DO want:

  • Any comments made should reflect an interaction with the text and/or topic of the day.
  • Allow the work of the Spirit as you plan, prepare, and present.
  • Stay on topic.
  • Know your audience and interact with them in a creative way.

What we DON’T want:

  • Something completely unrelated to your topic or the day’s topic.
  • Something long (keep it between 10-12 minutes). There are times when less than 10 minutes can also be effective.
  • Any attack on specific people, political stances, or organizations. LCU encourages our community to respectfully interact with all ideologies.
  • Any mention of “Well, so-and-so asked me to do this talk today…." Or any hesitation of being the speaker.

This may sound overly regimented, but it is part of our attempt to deliver on three things we believe really matter to our community: having a cohesive theme/thought throughout chapel, allowing them to personally connect to you, our speaker, or your message, and ending when we say we will end.

Finally, ask us for help! We want you to feel comfortable and at home in our community so don’t hesitate if you have any needs.

Before chapel every day there will be a tech meeting in the booth at 10:45am in which your attendance is necessary.

We hope that this information is beneficial in providing the best experience for you and our audience. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at

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Chapel Technical Needs

Our philosophy is that sound, lighting, video, and all other forms of media should never be a distraction from the presentation. While the technical crew will do their best to accomplish this goal, please review these guidelines to help us ensure the technical aspects of chapel run smoothly and "unnoticed".

PowerPoint/Keynote Presentations

Format in 16:9 aspect ratio.

  • In PowerPoint, go to Page Setup and choose this ratio from the drop-down menu.
  • In Keynote, go to Choose Theme and select 1920 x 1080 under Slide Size.
  • Use a high contrast between content and background. e.g. a dark background with very light text. 
  • Keep fonts legible. Typically, a minimum font size of 30-40 is needed. 

Audio/Video Files

Please provide us with the files to be used for your presentation. This includes audio or video files embedded in a PowerPoint file, please include them separately. 

  • File via Flash Drive. Contact Nathan Anderson to schedule a drop off time to ensure we receive it early enough. 
  • File via DropBox or other cloud storage service. Please share a link, not a folder.
  • No WMVs (Windows Media Video files) They are not compatible with our system.
  • A video quality of at least 720p is preferred. 
  • mp3, m4a, or WAV audio files are acceptable. 

For each of these media types, the earlier we have the content, the better. All content must be received at least one hour prior to the presentation. The chapel crew reserves the right to reject media needs if this time requirement is not met.

Online Video Content

Unfortunately, we are unable to download and/or present content from online video services such as YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, etc... for technical and copyright reasons.  

Please direct any questions to

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