Lubbock Christian University

Integrated Marketing Communication

Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communication

About Integrated Marketing Communication

The new Integrated Marketing Communication degree will bridge the gap between Mass Media, Communication, and other disciplines often focused on in business, such as marketing.

Advertising and Public Relations are often thought of as different subjects, but in reality they're integrated, like two sides of the same coin. This degree will touch on branding, packaging, corporate promotions, and all aspects of reaching the public, whether it's through paid advertising, or public relations, with a deep emphasis on social media.

Social media is such a powerful tool, but it’s like a sharp razor. Through new, curated courses, you'll gain a valuable awarness of the personal and professional dangers of social media, while also discovering the many ways it can help a business, individual, or organization to target a specific audience.

Why get an Integrated Marketing Communication degree?

Our newest, cutting-edge degree will put you ahead of the curve.

  • In addition to many core communication skills, you'll focus on ways to utlize social media to grow a brand and promote a product, business, or platform
  • You'll learn key marketing principles and insights into consumer behavior, and you'll gain key skills in digital media arts
  • You'll be placed into a competitive internship where you'll work closely with a company supervisor to gain real experience using these skills in real time


Students with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications will be prepared to enter a variety of fields. Public relations, advertising, and marketing jobs are all natural fits, but the beauty of the program is that it focuses on flexibility. The skills you'll learn through this program will be ones that will help you navigate changes in technology, the marketplace, and the global economy.